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Last Updated: 8/6/2018

How to submit substitute forms for approval

Beginning in August, we will post drafts as “near final” on our Software Provider website page. Use these drafts to begin development. You may submit forms based on our near final forms for approval. Do not release near final forms to the public.

We will post "final" forms in October. See our Key Dates page for details. We will send a GovDelivery notification when the final forms are posted.

To submit your forms for approval:

​What your software reproduces How to submit forms for approval
​Forms listed in the supported forms section
​Only forms not listed in the supported forms section
​Only Certificate of Rent (CRP) forms

We will respond within 10 business days. If your forms do not meet our requirements, we will email you a PDF with watermarks showing where the forms failed. Submit your corrected forms to for approval.

Note: We will not accept any electronic tax returns until your electronic scenarios and substitute forms have been approved.

Once we have approved your forms, you must:

  • Maintain the most current version of all forms in your software. If you make changes, resubmit your forms for approval (unless noted in a GovDelivery email)
  • Include only approved forms in your software