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Last Updated: 10/2/2018

Forms: Individual Income Tax

Click here for a summary of changes made after August 1. 

awc_18.pdfAlternative Withholding Certificateawc_18AWC10/2/2018 8:06 AM
bank.pdfAuthorization for Direct DebitbankBANK10/2/2018 8:06 AM
etp_18.pdf2018 ETP, Employer Transit Pass Creditetp_18ETP10/2/2018 10:06 AM
it_algorithm_18.pdfMinnesota Income Tax Calculations for Tax Year 2018it_algorithm_18Minnesota Income Tax Calculations for Tax Year 20188/24/2018 7:49 AM
lk_18.pdf2018 Like-Kind Exchangeslk_18LK10/12/2018 9:07 AM
m1_18.pdf2018 Individual Income Taxm1_18M110/1/2018 7:27 AM
m15_18.pdf2018 Underpayment of Estimated Income Taxm15_18M1510/11/2018 8:31 AM
m1529_18.pdf2018 Education Savings Account Contribution Credit or Subtractionm1529_18M152910/1/2018 7:27 AM
m1ar_18.pdf2018 Accelerated Recognition of Installment Sale Gainsm1ar_18M1AR10/2/2018 8:57 AM
m1c_18.pdf2018 Other Nonrefundable Creditsm1c_18M1C10/2/2018 8:14 AM
m1cat_18.pdf2018 Casualty and Theftm1cat_18m1CAT10/2/2018 8:13 AM
m1cd_18.pdf2018 Child and Dependent Care Creditm1cd_18M1CD10/9/2018 10:29 AM
m1cmd_18.pdf2018 Credit for Attaining Master's Degree in Teacher's Licensure Fieldm1cmd_18M1CMD10/1/2018 7:26 AM
m1cr_18.pdf2018 Credit for Income Tax Paid to Another Statem1cr_18M1CR10/2/2018 8:14 AM
m1ed_18.pdf2018 K-12 Education Creditm1ed_18M1ED10/1/2018 7:27 AM
m1home_18.pdf2018 First-Time Homebuyer Savings Accountm1home_18M1HOME10/1/2018 7:29 AM
m1ls_18.pdf2018 Tax on Lump-Sum Distributionm1ls_18M1LS10/1/2018 7:27 AM
m1lti_18.pdf2018 Long-Term Care Insurance Creditm1lti_18M1LTI10/1/2018 7:26 AM
m1m_18.pdf2018 Income Additions and Subtractionsm1m_18M1M10/9/2018 2:54 PM
m1ma_18.pdf2018 Marriage Creditm1ma_18M1MA10/2/2018 8:04 AM
m1move_18.pdf2018 Moving Expensesm1move_18M1MOVE10/2/2018 8:14 AM
m1mt_18.pdf2018 Alternative Minimum Taxm1mt_18M1MT10/1/2018 7:30 AM
m1mtc_18.pdf2018 Alternative Minimum Tax Creditm1mtc_18M1MTC10/1/2018 7:30 AM
m1nc_18.pdf2018 Federal Adjustmentsm1nc_18M1NC10/9/2018 2:55 PM
m1nr_18.pdf2018 Nonresident/Part-Year Residentm1nr_18M1NR10/2/2018 8:14 AM
m1psc_18.pdf2018 Credit for Parents of Stillborn Childrenm1psc_18M1PSC10/1/2018 7:28 AM
m1r_18.pdf2018 Age 65 or Older/Disabled Subtractionm1r_18M1R10/1/2018 7:30 AM
m1rcr_18.pdf2018 Credit for Tax Paid to Wisconsinm1rcr_18M1RCR10/1/2018 7:30 AM
m1ref_18.pdf2018 Refundable Creditsm1ref_18M1REF10/1/2018 7:28 AM
m1sa_18.pdf2018 Minnesota Itemized Deductionsm1sa_18M1SA10/11/2018 7:29 AM
m1slc_18.pdf2018 Student Loan Creditm1slc_18M1SLC10/1/2018 7:31 AM
m1ue_18.pdf2018 Unreimbursed Employee Business Expensesm1ue_18M1UE10/5/2018 10:47 AM
m1w_18.pdf2018 Minnesota Income Tax Withheldm1w_18M1W10/1/2018 7:25 AM
m1wfc_18.pdf2018 Minnesota Working Family Creditm1wfc_18M1WFC10/1/2018 7:29 AM
m1x_18.pdf2018 Amended Minnesota Income Taxm1x_18M1X10/15/2018 2:15 PM
m23_18.pdf2018 Claim for a Refund for a Deceased Taxpayerm23_182018 Claim for a Refund for a Deceased Taxpayer10/1/2018 7:26 AM
m99_18.pdf2018 Credit for Military Service in a Combat Zonem99_18M9910/1/2018 7:31 AM
Marriage Credit Computation Steps TY 2018.pdfMarriage Credit Computation StepsMarriage Credit Computation Steps TY 2018Marriage Credit Computation Steps8/22/2018 8:55 AM
pcr_19.pdf2019 Political Contribution Refund Applicationpcr_192019 Political Contribution Refund Application10/1/2018 2:14 PM
WFC Computation Steps TY 2018.pdfWorking Family Credit Computation StepsWFC Computation Steps TY 2018Working Family Credit Computation Steps8/22/2018 8:55 AM