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Last Updated: 7/31/2018

Forms and Summary of Changes: Estate and Fiduciary Tax

 Note: 2018 Change Summaries will only be posted with final forms. 

bank.pdfAuthorization for Direct DebitbankBANK8/1/2018 11:03 AM
est_18.pdf2018 Form EST, Additional Charge for Underpayment of Estimated Taxest_18EST8/14/2018 9:56 AM
etp_18.pdf2018 ETP, Employer ransit Pass Creditetp_18ETP8/1/2018 4:00 PM
kf_18.pdf2018 Beneficiary's Share of Minnesota Taxable Incomekf_18KF8/1/2018 2:45 PM
kfnc_18.pdf2018 Federal Adjustmentskfnc_18KFNC8/1/2018 3:28 PM
lk_18.pdf2018 Like-Kind Exchangeslk_18LK8/1/2018 1:21 PM
m2_18.pdf2018 Income Tax Return for Estates and Trustsm2_18M28/1/2018 2:40 PM
m2mt_18.pdf2018 Alternative Minimum Taxm2mt_18M2MT8/1/2018 2:41 PM
m2nc_18.pdf2018 Federa Adjustmentsm2nc_18M2NC8/1/2018 3:32 PM
m2sb_18.pdf2018 Income Tax Computation Steps for S Portion of ESBTm2sb_18M2SB8/1/2018 2:43 PM
m2sbnc_18.pdf2018 Federal Adjustmentsm2sbnc_18M2SBNC8/1/2018 3:33 PM
m2x_18.pdf2018 Amended Income Tax Return for Estates and Trustsm2x_18M2X8/1/2018 3:35 PM
m706_18.pdf2018 Estate Tax Returnm706_18M7068/1/2018 2:08 PM
m706q_18.pdf2018 Election to Claim the Qualified Small Business and Farm Property Deductionm706q_18M706Q8/1/2018 11:00 AM