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Last Updated: 10/1/2018

Forms and Summary of Changes: Corporate Franchise Tax

 Click here for a summary of changes made after August 1. 

Draft Forms

aff_18.pdf2018 AFF, Affiliations for Combined Returnsaff_18AFF10/1/2018 1:34 PM
alt_18.pdfPetition to Use Alternative Method of Allocationalt_18Petition to Use Alternative Method of Allocation10/10/2018 9:00 AM
amti_18.pdf2018 AMTI, Alternative Minimum Taxamti_18AMTI (Instructions, Line 9 of ACE wrksht, 3c changed to 3e)11/6/2018 10:00 AM
amtt_18.pdf2018, AMTT, Alternative Minimum Tax Calculation of Taxamtt_18AMTT10/1/2018 1:38 PM
bank.pdfAuthorization for Direct DebitbankBANK10/2/2018 8:06 AM
div_18.pdf2018 DIV, Deducation for Dividends Receiveddiv_18DIV11/5/2018 8:26 AM
etp_18.pdf2018 ETP, Employer Transit Pass Creditetp_18ETP10/2/2018 10:06 AM
lk_18.pdf2018 Like-Kind Exchangeslk_18LK11/9/2018 1:37 PM
m15c_18.pdf2018 M15C, Additional Charge for Underpayment of Taxm15c_18M15C10/1/2018 1:45 PM
m4_inst_18.pdf2018 Minnesota Corporation Franchise Tax Instructionsm4_inst_182018 Minnesota Corporation Franchise Tax Instructions11/8/2018 10:47 AM
m4_series_18.pdf2018 M4, Corporation Franchise Tax Returnm4_series_18M4, M4I, M4A, M4T10/1/2018 1:40 PM
m4NC_18.pdf2018 Schedule M4NC, Federal Adjustmentsm4NC_18M4NC10/2/2018 11:46 AM
m4r_18.pdf2018 M4R, Minnesota Business Activity Reportm4r_18M4R10/1/2018 1:41 PM
m4x_18.pdf2018 M4X, Amended Franchise Tax Return/Claim for Refundm4x_18M4X (instructions-updated 2019 interest rate to 5%)10/11/2018 3:49 PM
nol_18.pdf2018 NOL, Net Operating Loss Deductionnol_18NOL10/1/2018 1:45 PM
rd_18.pdf2018 RD, Credit for Increasing Research Activitiesrd_18RD (see change summary)10/31/2018 1:46 PM
rec_18.pdf2018 REC, Reconciliationrec_18REC10/1/2018 1:45 PM