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Last Updated: 3/26/2014

Software Vendors

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On Friday March 21, 2014 the legislature passed a federal conformity bill. Some of these changes have affected to 2013 tax year. Here is a summary of those changes known at this time:

  • Minnesota legislature signs Federal Conformity Bill. This bill will affect 2013 tax returns.
  • No schema change will be made
  • M1NC and M1SA will both become invalid forms
    • Lines changes on the M1M include;
    • 15 and 37 will be left intentionally blank
    • Line 2 will handle itemized deduction phase out
    • Disregard “Minnesota” AGI, calculations should be based on Federal AGI

Once you get your software programmed, DO NOT go live with submissions until you are notified by us.

Our software vendor coordinator will be reaching out to you on Friday, March 28, 2014.


The season begins!

MDOR has done a couple of new things this year in order to maintain an open communication line with vendors.

  • To date MDOR has conducted four teleconference calls with vendors.
  • Email notification – All updates are now sent via our email update system. 

Both of these have proven to be productive and valuable! We highly encourage all vendors to register for our updates. You can do so by clicking on the red envelope located above. By doing so you will receive all updates on a timely basis!

As we approach certification testing please keep the following in mind:

  • You are required to notify us at that you have sent tests and would like them reviewed
  • PDF’s are required with your test cases
  • Please double check your software to ensure you have the political party codes in correctly
    Political Party and Code Number:
      • Republican 11
      • Democratic Farmer-Labor 12
      • Independent 13   
      • Grassroots 14
      • Libertarian 16 
      • General Campaign Fund 99
  • Minnesota FIDS returns will remain Legacy for 2013 the following links are for EDE testing and live transmissions:
  • Additional requirements are listed in our guide, located under the registration and standards tab