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Last Updated: 3/9/2015

Research & Statistics

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Research & Statistics

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  •  Spring 2015 - 2013 Sales and Use Tax Statistics

Description of Information Available in the Tabs Listed Above Under Research & Reports

  • Reports
    Tax Handbook, recurring studies (Tax Expenditure, Tax Incidence, Homestead Property Tax Burdens), plus other one-time studies. 
  • Annual Statistics
    Detailed annual collections data for a particular tax, showing totals by location, by industry, by type of business, or by type of income.
  • Tax Collection History
    Collection totals by fiscal year and type of tax.  Some tables and charts start as early as 1957.  Some include revenues from the current forecast as well.
  • Tax Rankings
    Tax and revenue rankings (per capita and as percent of income) for each of the 50 states and DC.  Includes rankings history since 1995, by state and by type of tax or revenue.
  • Revenue Analyses
    For House or Senate bills (tax provisions only).  Provides official estimates of how the bill would change state revenue or expenditures.  Listed by legislative session, bill number, and type of tax.