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Last Updated: 3/29/2018

Tax and Non-Tax Revenue by Level of Government (1991-2021)

The Price of Government Report by Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) includes total taxes, non-tax revenue, and intergovernmental revenue for state government, local (non-school) governments, and school districts. The report is updated with each economic forecast and at the end of each legislative session. The charts shown here summarize a number of changes in Minnesota’s tax collections over the 31 years covered in the latest report. 

Minnesota Taxes as a Percent of Income by Level of Government  

Updated Using the November 2017 Forecast.


Table 1


Chart 1

Total Minnesota State and Local Taxes, Own-Source Revenue, and Total Revenue as a Percent of Income

Updated Using the November 2017 Forecast.

Chart 2

Source of Revenue by Level of Government

Table 3-A:  Dollars of Revenue by Level of Government and Type of Revenue

Table 3-B:  Percent of Total Revenue by Type of Revenue and Level of Government  

Chart 3-A:  State Government Only

Chart 3-B:  Local Government (Non-School) Only

Chart 3-C:  School Districts Only

Chart 3-D:  State and Local Governments Combined


 Price of Government 31-Year Spreadsheet