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Last Updated: 5/11/2017

Research & Statistics

History of Minnesota Tax Collections

Annual Minnesota State and Local Tax Collections by Major Tax Category (1957-2016 and forecast 2017-2021)  Updated Using the February 2017 Forecast
Collection totals for income, sales, property, corporate, and other taxes, based on data in the latest Management and Budget's Consolidated Funds Report and Price of Government Report.  

Annual Minnesota State Tax Collections:  Detail by Type of Tax (1974-2016)  
Collection totals for each state tax from the Minnesota Tax Handbooks.  

      State Tax Collections by Type of Tax (1957-1974)
      From the Economic Report to the Governor

Tax and Non-Tax Revenue by Level of Government (1991-2021)   Updated Using the February 2017 Forecast
Collections as percent of state personal income and shares of revenue by type of revenue, based on data in the latest Price of Government Report.