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Last Updated: 8/22/2014

Revenue Analyses for 2005-2006 Legislative Session for Senate Files

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Revenue Analyses

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​The revenue analysis will be posted under the Senate File or the House File.  It will not be posted in both places.

Note:  Columns may be sorted using the drop-down menu next to the column heading.


 2005/2006 Senate Files

Senate File Senate File
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House File House File
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SF0026HF0101As Introduced
SF0053HF0103As Introduced
SF0054As Introduced
SF0057Identical to HF0180
SF0061As Introduced
SF0061Revised for February 2005 Forecast and Correction of Fiscal Year Allocation
SF0082HF0520As Introduced
SF0099HF0009As Introduced
SF0125HF0309As Introduced
SF0160HF0084As Introduced
SF0166HF0477As Introduced
SF0176HF0182As Introduced
SF0183HF0133As Introduced
SF0192HF0082As Introduced
SF0194HF0135As Introduced
SF0214HF0302As Introduced
SF0218As Introduced
SF0218HF0166As Amended
SF0231HF0176As Introduced
SF0254Article 3 Only
SF0254Article 3 Only - Revised for February 2005 Forecast and Correction of Fiscal Year Allocation
SF0274HF0305As Introduced
SF0275HF0306As Introduced
SF0303HF0531As Introduced
SF0310HF0209As Introduced
SF0315HF0413As Introduced
SF0318As Proposed to be Amended
SF0344HF0210As Introduced
SF0364HF0486As Introduced
SF0376HF0002Article 1, Sections 3 and 4
SF0383HF0429As Introduced
SF0397HF0780As Introduced
SF0401HF0044As Introduced
SF0417HF0169As Introduced
SF0417HF0169Updated for Effective Date
SF0456HF0770As Introduced
SF0461HF0711As Introduced
SF04672nd Engrossment
SF0468HF0551As Introduced
SF0481HF0677As Introduced
SF0485HF0248As Introduced
SF0513HF0136As Introduced
SF0516HF0719As Introduced
SF0527HF07321st Engrossment
SF0544HF0909As Introduced
SF0551HF0640As Introduced
SF0558Preliminary Analysis
SF0558As Proposed to be Amended
SF0561As Introduced
SF0570HF0630As Introduced
SF0584HF1858As Introduced
SF0602HF0631As Introduced
SF06061st Engrossment - Sections 18 to 21 Only
SF0606HF1014Sections 20 to 23 Only
SF0634HF0600As Introduced
SF0645HF0760As Introduced
SF0645HF0760Revised for February 2005 Forecast and Correction of Fiscal Year Allocation
SF0693HF0707As Introduced
SF0699HF0726As Introduced
SF0728HF0632As Proposed to be Amended (H632A1)
SF0728HF06321st Engrossment
SF0747HF0750As Introduced
SF0753HF0660Governor's Tax Bill
SF0753HF0660Revised for Updated Estimate and February Forecast
SF0753HF0660As Amended
SF0779HF0972Preliminary Analysis
SF0782HF1582As Introduced
SF0799HF0960Preliminary Analysis
SF0812HF0549As Introduced
SF0816HF0866Preliminary Analysis
SF0821HF0794As Introduced
SF0824HF0700As Introduced
SF0833HF0249As Introduced
SF0848HF0807As Introduced
SF0854HF0825As Introduced
SF0860HF0860As Introduced
SF0867HF0036As Introduced
SF0889HF1412As Introduced
SF0936HF1101As Introduced
SF0942HF0797As Introduced
SF0952HF1080As Introduced
SF0955HF1041As Introduced
SF0957HF0859As Introduced
SF0971As Introduced
SF0978HF1035As Introduced
SF1002As Introduced
SF1008HF0943As Introduced
SF1011HF1182As Introduced
SF1024HF1127As Introduced
SF1053HF1522As Introduced
SF1073HF0991As Introduced
SF1077HF0525As Introduced
SF1080HF1388As Introduced
SF1081HF0420As Introduced
SF1082HF1387As Introduced
SF1087HF0047As Introduced
SF1097HF1146As Introduced
SF1113HF1267As Introduced
SF1132HF1181As Introduced
SF1142HF1001As Introduced
SF1175HF1254As Introduced
SF1183HF1223As Introduced
SF1189HF1213As Introduced
SF1190HF1206As Introduced
SF1190HF1206Estimate Revised to Exclude Exempt Capital Equipment.
SF1195HF0919As Introduced
SF1209HF1234As Introduced
SF1214HF07021st Engrossment
SF1216HF2169As Introduced
SF1234HF1486As Introduced
SF1236HF0887As Introduced
SF1246HF1314As Introduced
SF1253HF1093As Introduced
SF1256HF0449As Introduced
SF12601st Engrossment
SF1312HF0835As Introduced
SF1324HF1414As Introduced
SF1333HF1516As Introduced
SF1336As Introduced
SF1338As Introduced
SF1338Revised to Reflect Other State Collection Experience
SF1341HF1383As Introduced
SF1348HF1356As Introduced
SF1366As Introduced
SF1382HF0882Preliminary Analysis
SF1397HF0999As Introduced
SF1419HF1247As Introduced
SF1455HF1660As Introduced
SF1465HF1691As Introduced
SF1484HF1613As Introduced
SF1495HF1511As Introduced
SF1497HF1526As Introduced
SF1561HF1790As Introduced
SF1571HF1392As Introduced
SF1576HF0406As Introduced
SF1601HF1713As Introduced
SF1605HF1698As Introduced
SF1614HF1684As Introduced
SF1634HF1381As Introduced
SF1654HF0474As Introduced
SF1659HF1731As Introduced
SF1670HF1743As Introduced
SF1675HF2228As Introduced
SF1683As Introduced
SF1684HF1784As Introduced
SF1685As Introduced
SF1735HF1807As Introduced
SF1735Delete Everything Amendment
SF1743HF1577As Introduced
SF1751As Introduced
SF1767HF2285As Introduced
SF1785HF1797As Introduced
SF1786As Introduced
SF1800HF2220As Introduced
SF1832HF1903As Introduced
SF1880HF1867As Introduced
SF1888HF2049As Introduced
SF1907As Proposed to be Amended
SF1914HF2059Preliminary Analysis
SF1914As Amended (SCS1914A-1)
SF1921HF1286As Introduced
SF1926HF2232Sections 10 thru 15 Only
SF1926HF2232Revised to Correct Calculation of Excise Tax Estimates
SF1931HF1514As Introduced
SF1957HF1793As Introduced
SF1962HF2244As Proposed to be Amended
SF1972HF1827As Introduced
SF1982HF1902As Introduced
SF2043HF2339As Introduced
SF2056HF2033As Introduced
SF2091As Introduced
SF2092HF2372As Introduced
SF2113HF2315As Introduced
SF2158As Introduced
SF2163HF2413As Introduced
SF2166HF2363As Introduced
SF2187HF2075As Introduced
SF2196HF1908As Introduced
SF2206HF2178As Introduced
SF2208HF3226Preliminary Analysis
SF2209HF2393As Introduced
SF2227As Introduced
SF2246As Introduced
SF2251As Introduced
SF2256HF2458Section 14 Only
SF2267As Introduced
SF2273Article 9, Sections 7 through 10 Only
SF2280HF2830As Introduced
SF22971st Engrossment, As Proposed to be Amended
SF2377HF2723As Introduced
SF2460HF3423As Introduced
SF2460HF3423Unofficial Engrossment
SF2475Preliminary Analysis; As Proposed to be Amended
SF2475As Proposed to be Amended (SCS2475A-2)
SF2481HF3135As Introduced
SF2482HF2757As Introduced
SF2490HF2606As Introduced
SF2507HF3592As Introduced
SF2518HF2760As Introduced
SF2536HF2845As Introduced
SF2546HF3333As Introduced
SF2551HF2995As Introduced
SF2570HF3020As Introduced
SF2580HF2718As Introduced
SF2590As Introduced
SF2592As Introduced
SF2592As Amended
SF2637HF1978As Introduced
SF2640HF2935As Introduced
SF2651HF3127As Introduced
SF26511st Engrossment
SF2670HF2662As Introduced
SF2680HF2683As Introduced
SF2689HF2932As Introduced
SF2689As Amended
SF2727HF2980Identical to HF3337(SF3162)
SF2733HF2804As Introduced
SF2734As Introduced
SF27341st Engrossment
SF27342nd Engrossment
SF27341st Unofficial Engrossment, Tax Provisions Only
SF2748HF2748As Introduced
SF2768HF3324As Introduced
SF2796HF3523As Introduced
SF2804HF2903As Introduced
SF2844HF2884As Introduced
SF28511st Engrossment, Sections 12 & 13 Only
SF2859HF2924As Introduced
SF2860HF3311As Introduced
SF2862HF2879As Introduced
SF2862HF279As Amended
SF2896HF3227As Introduced
SF2900HF3207As Introduced
SF2901HF3410As Introduced
SF2968HF3118As Introduced
SF3010HF3122As Introduced
SF3061HF3455As Introduced
SF3062HF2679As Introduced
SF3089HF3788As Introduced
SF3131HF3479As Introduced
SF3141HF3289As Introduced
SF3180HF3669As Introduced
SF3185HF3167As Introduced
SF3186HF3524As Introduced
SF3187HF2857As Introduced
SF3218As Introduced
SF3257HF3519As Introduced
SF3309HF3861As Introduced
SF3313HF3659As Introduced
SF33201st Engrossment
SF3326HF3603Governor's Tax Bill
SF3332HF3696As Introduced
SF3340HF3575Preliminary Analysis
SF3370HF3767As Introduced
SF3407HF3753As Introduced
SF3423HF3749As Introduced
SF3426HF3814As Introduced
SF3437HF3843As Introduced
SF3443HF3772As Introduced
SF3455HF3482As Introduced
SF3456HF3737As Introduced
SF3462As Introduced
SF3477HF2792As Introduced
SF3497HF3889As Introduced
SF3508HF3972As Introduced
SF3516HF3912As Introduced
SF3541HF3882As Introduced
SF3547HF3509As Introduced
SF3548HF3520As Introduced
SF3550As Proposed to be Amended
SF3578HF3960As Introduced
SF3585As Introduced
SF3590HF3348As Introduced
SF3592HF3769As Introduced
SF3625HF3625As Introduced
SF3633As Introduced
SF3646HF4001As Introduced
SF3690As Introduced
SF3716As Introduced
SF3729HF4073As Introduced
SF3736HF4095As Introduced
SF3745As Introduced
SF3752HF4048As Introduced
SF3754HF4130As Introduced
SF3756HF3734As Introduced
SF3758As Introduced
SF3771HF4141As Introduced
SF3784HF4100As Introduced
SF3785HF4155As Introduced