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Last Updated: 8/22/2014

Revenue Analyses for 2003-2004 Legislative Session for Senate Files

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Revenue Analyses

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​The revenue analysis will be posted under the Senate File or the House File.  It will not be posted in both places.

Note:  Columns may be sorted using the drop-down menu next to the column heading.   


 2003/2004 Senate Files

Senate File Senate File
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House File House File
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SF0015HF1968Updated Analysis
SF0050HF0104As Introduced
SF0078As Introduced
SF0079Passed by the Senate
SF0093HF0954As Introduced
SF0103Updated Analysis
SF0103As Introduced
SF0103Revised for Pay 2005 Data
SF0118HF0368As Introduced
SF0150As Introduced
SF0151HF0245As Introduced
SF0161HF0312As Introduced
SF0253Revised for Senate Amendment
SF0261HF0300Updated Analysis February 12, 2004
SF0261HF0300As Introduced
SF02621st Engrossment
SF0298HF0362As Introduced
SF0306As Introduced
SF0319HF0695As Introduced
SF0321HF0364As Introduced
SF0322HF0331As Introduced
SF0330As Introduced
SF0338HF0766As Introduced
SF0361HF0587As Introduced
SF0366As Introduced
SF0368HF0372As Introduced
SF0387HF0435As Introduced
SF03921st Engrossment
SF0393HF0478As Introduced
SF0405HF0507As Introduced
SF0438HF0704As Proposed to be Amended
SF0446HF0567As Introduced
SF0458HF0638As Introduced
SF0476HF0563As Introduced
SF0476Amended in Senate Tax Comm. on April 30, 2003
SF0480HF1057As Introduced
SF0496As Proposed to be Amended
SF04961st Engrossment
SF0524HF0598As Proposed to be Amended
SF0525HF0597As Introduced
SF0526HF0607As Introduced
SF0527HF0126As Introduced
SF0528HF0599As Introduced
SF0530As Introduced
SF0539HF0764As Introduced
SF0540HF0763As Introduced
SF05471st Engrossment
SF0559HF0972As Introduced
SF0573HF0665As Introduced
SF0576As Proposed to be Amended (A-1) - Article 1 Only, Tax Provisions Only
SF05791st Engrossment
SF0635As Amended
SF0659As Introduced
SF0662HF0720As Introduced
SF0668HF0802As Introduced
SF0676Preliminary Analysis
SF0715HF1438As Introduced
SF07151st Engrossment
SF0740HF1243As Introduced
SF0742HF1390As Introduced
SF0755HF0914As Introduced
SF0774HF1362As Introduced
SF0783HF0811As Introduced
SF08291st Engrossment
SF0830HF0957As Introduced
SF0852HF0908As Introduced
SF0898As Introduced
SF0901HF0932As Introduced
SF0966HF1020Delete All Amendment
SF0988HF10791st Engrossment
SF0988HF1079As Introduced
SF0996HF1033Updated Analysis
SF09981st Engrossment, Updated
SF0998HF1382Sections 29, 36, and 57
SF1050HF1153As Introduced
SF1052As Introduced
SF1067As Proposed to be Amended by SCS1067A-1
SF1073HF3135As Introduced
SF1104As Introduced
SF1141HF1199As Introduced
SF1145HF1195As Introduced
SF1175HF2912Delete Everything Amendment (H2912DE2)
SF1175HF29121st Engrossment
SF1188HF1209Preliminary Analysis
SF1190As Introduced
SF1205HF1250As Introduced
SF1209HF1270As Introduced
SF12212nd Engrossment
SF1222As Introduced
SF1229As Introduced
SF1242HF1379As Introduced
SF1259HF1393As Introduced
SF1262HF1508As Proposed to be Amended
SF1280HF1439As Introduced
SF1299HF1340As Introduced
SF1345HF1427As Introduced
SF1358HF1548As Introduced
SF1360HF1424As Introduced
SF1394As Introduced
SF1400As Introduced
SF1401HF1469As Introduced
SF1419Preliminary Analysis
SF1421As Introduced
SF1423As Introduced
SF1423HF1476Revised for Senate Tax Comm. Amendment
SF1434HF1483As Introduced
SF1465As Introduced
SF1465Revised to Reflect Revenue Provision Only
SF1469As Introduced
SF1477As Introduced
SF1478HF1553As Introduced
SF1481HF1555As Introduced
SF1492HF1559As Introduced
SF1498As Introduced
SF1499HF1558Updated Analysis
SF1499HF1558As Introduced
SF1504Preliminary Analysis
SF1504As Introduced
SF1505As Amended (A-1) April 30, 2003
SF1506HF1562As Introduced
SF1533As Introduced
SF1542HF1603As Introduced
SF1577HF1782As Introduced
SF1581As Introduced
SF1602As Introduced
SF1624Preliminary Analysis
SF1638As Proposed to be Amended
SF1638HF1974As Introduced
SF1667HF1740As Introduced
SF1667HF1740As Amended
SF1675HF1786As Introduced
SF1701HF2399As Introduced
SF1703HF1687Preliminary Analysis
SF1703HF1687Revised Preliminary Analysis
SF1706HF2134As Introduced
SF1706HF2134As Amended
SF1706HF2134Revised to Correct Fiscal Year Allocation
SF1731HF1888As Introduced
SF1747HF1689As Introduced
SF1773HF1742As Introduced
SF1778HF1684Preliminary Analysis
SF1801HF2298As Introduced
SF18012nd Engrossment
SF1816HF1951As Introduced
SF1816HF1951As Amended and Revised for Pay 2005 Data
SF1826As Introduced
SF1879HF2380As Introduced
SF1879As Amended March 23, 2004
SF1919HF2481As Introduced
SF1925HF2074As Introduced
SF1940HF1668As Introduced
SF1956HF1993As Introduced
SF1957HF2024Preliminary Analysis
SF1983HF1907As Introduced
SF1991HF21081st Engrossment, Article 2 Only
SF2031HF1776As Introduced
SF2049As Introduced
SF2054HF2072As Introduced
SF2075As Introduced
SF2076As Introduced
SF2100Section 7 Only
SF2100HF2332As Introduced
SF2105HF2083As Introduced
SF2117HF2200As Introduced
SF2119HF1871As Introduced
SF2168HF22561st Engrossment
SF2171HF2048As Proposed to be Amended
SF2171HF2048As Proposed to be Amended
SF2208HF2645As Introduced
SF2218HF2311As Introduced
SF2230HF1825As Introduced
SF2261HF2381As Introduced
SF2270HF2344As Introduced
SF2278As Introduced
SF2281HF2975As Introduced
SF2302HF2540As Introduced
SF2303As Introduced
SF2304HF2776As Introduced
SF2320HF3050As Introduced
SF2349HF2789As Introduced
SF2353HF2601As Introduced
SF2354HF2117As Introduced
SF2372HF2356As Introduced
SF2390HF2896As Introduced
SF2403HF2435As Introduced
SF2406HF2501As Introduced
SF2406HF2501Delete Everything Amendment
SF2431HF2299As Introduced
SF2445HF2644As Introduced
SF2449HF2522As Introduced
SF2457HF2739As Introduced
SF2458HF2526As Introduced
SF2468HF2533As Introduced
SF2476HF2371As Introduced
SF2478HF23161st Engrossment
SF2495HF2650As Introduced
SF2527HF2729As Introduced
SF2528HF2009As Introduced
SF2532HF2701As Introduced
SF2540HF2432As Introduced
SF2545HF3127As Introduced
SF2546HF3126As Introduced
SF2547HF2689As Introduced
SF2564HF2707As Introduced
SF2565As Introduced
SF2567HF2583As Introduced
SF2576HF2699As Introduced
SF2602HF2870Tax Provisions Only
SF2603HF2828As Introduced
SF2603HF2828Revised for Corrected Estimate
SF2618As Introduced
SF2627HF0198As Introduced
SF2633HF2859As Introduced
SF2651HF2838As Introduced
SF2652HF2835As Introduced
SF2654HF3110As Introduced
SF2655HF2696As Introduced
SF2674HF30742nd Engrossment
SF2676HF2839As Introduced
SF2676As Amended - Also revised to reflect construction schedule.
SF2682HF2972As Introduced
SF2683HF2643As Introduced
SF2701HF2929As Introduced
SF2702HF2772Delete All Amendment
SF2702As Proposed to be Amended
SF2704HF2705As Introduced
SF2716HF2552As Proposed to be Amended
SF2719HF2909As Introduced
SF2720HF3025As Introduced
SF2725HF2928As Introduced
SF2734HF2067As Introduced
SF2744HF2472As Introduced
SF2745HF2780Preliminary Analysis
SF2787HF2958As Introduced
SF2801Preliminary Analysis
SF2821HF2710As Introduced
SF2846HF3081As Introduced
SF2848HF2994As Introduced
SF2850HF2836Preliminary Analysis
SF2861HF3039As Introduced
SF2873HF2887As Introduced
SF2873HF2887Revised for New Information
SF2875HF3029As Introduced
SF2881HF3100As Introduced
SF2888HF2571Preliminary Analysis
SF28891st Engrossment, Tax Provisions Only
SF2890HF3013As Introduced
SF2900HF3073As Introduced
SF2908HF3044Revised for Updated Information
SF2910HF3051As Introduced
SF2910As Amended
SF2915HF1715As Introduced
SF2921HF3144As Introduced
SF2927HF3108As Introduced
SF2943HF3128As Introduced
SF2945HF2531As Introduced
SF2945As Amended
SF2950HF2612As Introduced
SF2958HF3087As Introduced
SF2969HF3115As Introduced
SF2970HF3116As Introduced
SF2971HF3093As Introduced
SF2974HF2841As Introduced
SF2980HF3124As Introduced
SF2983HF3119As Introduced
SF2988HF2001As Introduced
SF2991HF3129As Introduced
SF2998As Introduced
SF3000HF3147As Introduced
SF3006As Proposed to be Amended
SF3008HF3122As Introduced
SF3011As Introduced
SF3014HF3155Preliminary Analysis
SF3015HF3154As Introduced
SF3019HF3153As Introduced
SF3020As Introduced
SF3021HF3159As Introduced
SF3037HF3170As Introduced
SF3040HF3174As Introduced
SF3044Preliminary Analysis
SF3045Preliminary Analysis