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Last Updated: 8/22/2014

Revenue Analyses for 2003-2004 Legislative Session for House Files

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Revenue Analyses

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​The revenue analysis will be posted under the House File or the Senate File.  It will not be posted in both places.

Note:  Columns may be sorted using the drop-down menu next to the column heading.  


 2003/2004 House Files

House File House File
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Senate File Senate File
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HF0003As Introduced
HF00031st Engrossment
HF00031st Engrossment, Revised
HF0011As Introduced
HF0012SF0253As Introduced
HF0029SF0114As Introduced
HF0029Revised for 1st Engrossment and February Forecast
HF0029Revised for 2nd Engrossment
HF0041SF0049As Introduced
HF00411st Engrossment
HF0074SF0079Tax Provisions Only
HF0078SF0809As Introduced
HF0150SF0168As Introduced
HF0172As Introduced
HF0178As Introduced
HF0198SF2627As Introduced
HF0199SF00671st Engrossment
HF0205SF1346As Introduced
HF0207SF0232As Introduced
HF0211SF0167As Introduced
HF0232SF0175As Introduced
HF0241SF0211As Introduced
HF0263As Proposed to be Amended
HF0263As Introduced
HF0283SF0736As Introduced
HF0300SF0261Updated Analysis
HF0301Preliminary Analysis
HF03121st Engrossment
HF0355SF0367As Introduced
HF0369As Introduced
HF0403SF0347As Introduced
HF0405As Introduced
HF0421SF1189As Introduced
HF0434SF0441As Introduced
HF0461As Introduced
HF0485As Introduced
HF0486As Introduced
HF0495SF0635As Introduced
HF0514As Introduced
HF0540As Introduced
HF0542SF0482As Introduced
HF0552As Introduced
HF0608SF0560As Introduced
HF0609SF0692As Introduced
HF0609SF06921st Engrossment
HF06251st Engrossment
HF06271st Engrossment
HF0630As Introduced
HF0633SF0714As Introduced
HF06461st Engrossment, Tax Provisions Only
HF0646As Amended by House Tax Committee
HF06464th Engrossment of House Bill, Tax Provisions Only
HF0651SF0657As Introduced
HF0661SF0617As Introduced
HF0688SF0686As Introduced
HF0721SF1223As Introduced
HF0733SF0868As Introduced
HF0737SF08231st Engrossment
HF0751SF0748As Proposed to be Amended
HF0751SF07481st Engrossment
HF0759SF1007As Introduced
HF0760SF1008As Introduced
HF0766As Introduced
HF0782As Introduced
HF0809SF0877As Introduced
HF0815As Introduced
HF0863SF0925As Introduced
HF0875SF1004Preliminary Analysis
HF0925SF0961As Introduced
HF09501st Engrossment
HF0953As Introduced
HF1033SF0996Updated Analysis
HF1034SF1003As Introduced
HF1052As Introduced
HF1056SF1241As Introduced
HF1069SF1011As Introduced
HF1089As Introduced
HF1105SF1226As Introduced
HF1149SF1485As Introduced
HF1159SF1109As Introduced
HF11662nd Engrossment
HF11662nd Engrossment, As Proposed to be Amended
HF1166Delete Everything Amendment
HF1171SF1333As Introduced
HF1176SF1502As Introduced
HF1176SF1502Delete Everything Amendment
HF1183SF10671st Engrossment
HF1198SF1174As Introduced
HF1199As Proposed to be Amended
HF1209SF1188Preliminary Analysis
HF1232As Introduced
HF1235SF1236As Introduced
HF1249As Introduced
HF1328SF1381As Introduced
HF1341SF1418As Introduced
HF13451st Engrossment
HF1404Education Levy Impact Only
HF1408SF1310As Introduced
HF1436SF1374As Introduced
HF14491st Engrossment
HF1449Revised 1st Engrossment
HF1453SF1413As Introduced
HF1455SF1471As Introduced
HF1461SF1412As Introduced
HF1469As Amended by (H1469DE1)
HF1489SF1441As Introduced
HF1491SF1443As Introduced
HF1502As Proposed to be Amended
HF1504As Introduced
HF1528As Proposed to be Amended
HF1533As Introduced
HF1533SF1483As Introduced
HF1540As Proposed to be Amended
HF1548As Proposed to be Amended
HF1549As Introduced
HF1556As Introduced
HF1558SF1499Updated Analysis
HF1562SF1506As Introduced
HF1562As Proposed to be Amended
HF1565SF1505As Introduced
HF1570As Introduced
HF1573As Introduced
HF1574As Introduced
HF1587Revised for Amendment
HF1592As Introduced
HF1599As Introduced
HF1603SF1542As Introduced
HF16501st Engrossment
HF1668SF1940As Introduced
HF1684SF1778Preliminary Analysis
HF1687SF1703Preliminary Analysis
HF1687SF1703Revised Preliminary Analysis
HF1689SF1747As Introduced
HF1715SF2915As Introduced
HF1716Preliminary Analysis
HF1740SF1667As Introduced
HF1741SF1591As Introduced
HF1742SF1773As Introduced
HF1776SF2031As Introduced
HF1782SF1577As Introduced
HF1786SF1675As Introduced
HF1825SF2230As Introduced
HF1871SF2119As Introduced
HF1888SF1731As Introduced
HF1893As Introduced
HF1907SF1983As Introduced
HF1951SF1816As Introduced
HF1968SF0015Updated Analysis
HF1970SF19591st Engrossment
HF1974SF1638As Introduced
HF19741st Engrossment, As Proposed to be Amended, Revised
HF19741st Engrossment, As Proposed to be Amended, Preliminary Analysis
HF19741st Engrossment, As Amended (A2) Updated
HF1976SF1602As Introduced
HF1993SF1956As Introduced
HF2001SF2988As Introduced
HF2009SF2528As Introduced
HF2024SF1957Preliminary Analysis
HF2048SF2171As Proposed to be Amended
HF2048SF2171As Proposed to be Amended
HF2048SF2171As Proposed to be Amended
HF2067SF2734As Introduced
HF2072SF2054As Introduced
HF2074SF1925As Introduced
HF2083SF2105As Introduced
HF2117SF2354As Introduced
HF2134SF1706As Introduced
HF21351st Engrossment
HF2200SF2117As Introduced
HF2256SF21681st Engrossment
HF2263Preliminary Analysis
HF2278As Proposed to be Amended
HF2298SF1801As Introduced
HF2298As Amended (A1)
HF2299SF2431As Introduced
HF2300As Introduced
HF2311SF2218As Introduced
HF2316SF24781st Engrossment
HF2332SF2100As Introduced
HF2344SF2270As Introduced
HF2356SF2372As Introduced
HF2371SF2476As Introduced
HF2380SF1879As Introduced
HF2381SF2261As Introduced
HF2399SF1701As Introduced
HF2432SF2540As Introduced
HF2435SF2403As Introduced
HF2472SF2744As Introduced
HF2481SF1919As Introduced
HF2501SF2406As Introduced
HF2501SF2406Delete Everything Amendment
HF2522SF2449As Introduced
HF2526SF2458As Introduced
HF2531SF2945As Introduced
HF2533SF2468As Introduced
HF2533As Proposed to be Amended
HF2540SF2302As Introduced
HF2552As Introduced
HF2552As Proposed to be Amended
HF2552SF2716As Proposed to be Amended
HF2583SF2567As Introduced
HF2588As Introduced
HF2601SF2353As Introduced
HF2612SF2950As Introduced
HF2643As Introduced
HF2644SF2445As Introduced
HF2645SF2208As Introduced
HF2650SF2495As Introduced
HF26781st Engrossment, Gasoline Tax Provision Only
HF2689SF2547As Introduced
HF2692As Introduced
HF2696SF2655As Introduced
HF2699SF2576As Introduced
HF2701SF2532As Introduced
HF2705SF2704As Introduced
HF2707SF2564As Introduced
HF2710SF2821As Introduced
HF2729SF2527As Introduced
HF2739SF2457As Introduced
HF2772As Introduced
HF2772SF2702Delete All Amendment
HF2772SF2702Delete All Amendment
HF2776SF2304As Introduced
HF2780SF2745Preliminary Analysis
HF2789SF2349As Introduced
HF2828SF2603As Introduced
HF2828SF2603Revised for Corrected Estimate
HF2835SF2652As Introduced
HF2836SF2850Preliminary Analysis
HF2838SF2651As Introduced
HF2839SF2676As Introduced
HF2841SF2974As Introduced
HF2859SF2633As Introduced
HF2870SF2602Tax Provisions Only
HF2887SF2873As Introduced
HF2887SF2873Revised for New Information
HF2896SF2390As Introduced
HF2909SF2719As Introduced
HF2912SF1175As Introduced
HF2928SF2725As Introduced
HF2928SF2725Delete Everything Amendment
HF2936As Proposed to be Amended
HF2958SF2787As Introduced
HF2972SF2682As Introduced
HF2975SF2281As Introduced
HF2994SF2848As Introduced
HF3013SF2890As Introduced
HF3016As Introduced
HF3025SF2720As Introduced
HF3029SF2875As Introduced
HF3039SF2861As Introduced
HF3044SF2908As Introduced
HF3044SF2908Revised for Updated Information
HF3050SF2320As Introduced
HF3051SF2910As Introduced
HF3058As Proposed to be Amended
HF3073SF2900As Introduced
HF3074SF26742nd Engrossment
HF3081SF2846As Introduced
HF3087SF2958As Introduced
HF30892nd Engrossment, Tax Provisions Only
HF3089As Amended, Tax Provisions Only
HF3089As Amended, Tax Provisions Only
HF3089As Passed by House Tax Committee
HF3091As Introduced
HF3092As Introduced
HF3093SF2971As Introduced
HF3100SF2881As Introduced
HF3106As Introduced
HF3108SF2927As Introduced
HF3110SF2654As Introduced
HF3115SF2969As Introduced
HF3116SF2970As Introduced
HF3119SF2983As Introduced
HF3122SF3008As Introduced
HF3124SF2980As Introduced
HF3126SF2546As Introduced
HF3127SF2545As Introduced
HF3128SF2943As Introduced
HF3129SF2991As Introduced
HF3135SF1073As Introduced
HF3141Section 5 Only
HF3142As Introduced
HF3147SF3000As Introduced
HF3153SF3019As Introduced
HF3154SF3015As Introduced
HF3155SF3014Preliminary Analysis
HF3159SF3021As Introduced
HF3170SF3037As Introduced
HF3174SF3040As Introduced
HF3176Preliminary Analysis
HF3177As Introduced
HF3179Section 1, Preliminary Analysis