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Last Updated: 8/22/2014

Revenue Analyses for 2001-2002 Legislative Session for Senate Files

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Revenue Analyses

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 2001/2002 Senate Files

Senate File Senate File
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House File House File
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SF0004HF0166As Introduced
SF0004HF0166(Identical Bills SF 46/HF 108, HF188, HF 314, HF 538, HF301/SF 185, revised for Feb. Forecast
SF0005HF0684As Introduced
SF0011HF0193As Introduced
SF0017As Introduced, Revised for Administrative Impact
SF0019As Introduced, Preliminary Analysis
SF0021HF0133As Introduced, Revised for Administrative Impact
SF0023HF00621st Engrossment
SF0023HF0062As Introduced, Revised for Administrative Impact
SF0029HF0929As Introduced
SF0032HF0115As Introduced
SF0036HF0074As Introduced
SF0065As Introduced
SF0069HF0109As Introduced
SF0072HF0230As Introduced, Revised for Administrative Impact
SF0073HF0187As Introduced
SF0080As Introduced
SF0081As Introduced
SF0082As Introduced
SF0089HF0092As Introduced
SF0089HF0092As Amended
SF0099HF0324As Introduced, Revised for Administrative Impact
SF0113HF0321As Introduced
SF0113HF0321As Introduced
SF0139HF0158As Introduced
SF0153As Introduced
SF0157HF0180As Introduced
SF0158HF0271As Introduced
SF0159HF0269As Introduced
SF0169HF0596As Introduced
SF0190HF0207As Introduced
SF0268As Introduced
SF0275HF0345As Introduced
SF0291HF0622As Introduced
SF0298HF0358As Introduced
SF0301HF0469As Introduced
SF0307HF0773As Introduced
SF0307HF0773Revised for February Forecast
SF0307HF0773Proposed Amendment to SF 307
SF0334HF0588As Introduced
SF0348HF0676As Introduced
SF0358HF0557As Introduced
SF0366HF1211As Introduced
SF0384HF1787As Introduced
SF0412HF0462As Introduced
SF0426HF0502As Introduced
SF0458HF0583As Introduced
SF0459HF0584As Introduced
SF0464HF0562As Introduced
SF0473HF0511As Introduced
SF0475HF0569As Introduced
SF0483HF0561As Introduced
SF0487HF0627As Introduced
SF0501As Introduced
SF0501HF02331Revised to reflect current law apportionment weighting.
SF0521HF1059As Introduced
SF0529As Introduced
SF0552HF0630As Introduced
SF0571HF0669As Introduced
SF0591HF0689As Introduced
SF0594As Introduced
SF0594Revised for Agricultural Credit Change
SF0643As Introduced
SF0724As Introduced
SF0785As Introduced
SF0790HF0914As Introduced
SF0791HF1190As Introduced
SF0791HF1190Revised for Senate Oral Amendment
SF0800HF0939As Introduced
SF0802HF0885As Introduced
SF0802HF0885Revised for updated information.
SF0803HF0843As Introduced
SF0817As Introduced
SF0820HF0838As Introduced
SF0821HF0839As Introduced
SF0888HF1451As Introduced
SF0889HF1012As Introduced
SF0915HF1095As Introduced
SF0915HF10951st Engrossment of Senate Bill
SF0917HF1349As Introduced
SF0941As Introduced
SF0967HF1035As Introduced
SF0980HF1090As Introduced
SF0992HF1233As Introduced
SF0998As Introduced
SF0999HF1077As Introduced
SF1048HF1331As Introduced
SF1050HF1686As Introduced
SF1097HF1200As Introduced
SF1098HF1293As Introduced
SF1100HF1201As Introduced
SF1101HF1202As Introduced
SF1110As Introduced
SF1159HF1518As Introduced
SF1189HF2027As Introduced
SF1225HF1320As Introduced
SF1281HF1624As Introduced
SF1319HF1461As Introduced
SF1325HF1416As Introduced
SF1325HF1416Amended for new information.
SF1325HF1416Amended (H1416DE2)
SF1325HF1416Revised to reflect language in the Amended Bill.
SF1338HF1510As Introduced
SF1367HF1544As Introduced
SF1374HF1874As Introduced
SF1384HF1494As Introduced
SF1423As Introduced
SF1433HF1676As Introduced
SF1451HF1559As Introduced
SF1452HF1533As Introduced
SF1513HF1621As Introduced
SF1540HF2061As Introduced
SF1589HF1671As Introduced
SF1589HF1671Revised to account for enactment of SF 2125
SF1589HF1671Revised for Amendments
SF1589HF16711st Engrossment of House Bill
SF1589HF16712nd Engrossment of Senate Bill
SF1589HF16713rd Engrossment of House Bill
SF1593HF1640As Introduced
SF1637HF1998As Introduced
SF1655HF1758As Introduced
SF1658HF1732As Introduced
SF1710HF1820As Introduced
SF1713As Introduced
SF1731As Introduced
SF1743HF1822As Introduced
SF1757HF1841As Introduced
SF1759HF2085As Introduced
SF1771HF2415As Introduced
SF1819HF2023As Introduced
SF1819HF2023Revised for Amendments and for Updated Annual Growth
SF1853HF2234As Introduced
SF1856HF2125As Introduced
SF1857HF22141st Engrossment in the Senate
SF1857HF22142nd Engrossment in the Senate
SF1857HF2214Tax Provisions Only
SF1857HF2214As passed by the Senate
SF1857HF22145th Engrossment
SF1857HF2214Preliminary Analysis
SF1857HF22145th Engrossment
SF1896As Introduced
SF1913HF2124As Introduced
SF1917HF2169As Introduced
SF1938HF2147As Introduced
SF1942HF2176As Introduced
SF1976HF2126As Introduced
SF1982HF2261As Introduced
SF1997HF2158As Introduced
SF1998HF2157As Introduced
SF2024As Introduced
SF2035HF2173As Introduced
SF2036HF2244As Introduced
SF2045HF22411st Engrossment of House Bill
SF2045HF2241As Introduced
SF2079HF2330As Introduced
SF2088As Introduced
SF2112As Introduced
SF2130HF2348As Introduced
SF2136HF2295As Introduced
SF2164As Introduced
SF2175HF2333As Introduced
SF2176As Introduced
SF2178HF2323As Introduced
SF2184HF2321As Introduced
SF2191HF2339As Introduced
SF2198HF2447As Introduced
SF2264HF2429As Introduced
SF2268HF2406As Introduced
SF2274As Introduced
SF2275As Introduced
SF2281HF2431As Introduced
SF2282As Introduced
SF2298As Introduced
SF2340As Introduced
SF2345HF2506As Introduced
SF2426HF2744As Introduced
SF2440HF2822As Introduced
SF2440HF2822Revised homeowner PTR estimate.
SF2452As Introduced
SF2464HF2915As Introduced
SF2512As Introduced
SF2551HF2830As Introduced
SF2572HF2836As Introduced
SF2572Property Tax Provisions Only
SF2589HF2978As Introduced
SF2640HF2876As Introduced
SF2651HF2974As Introduced
SF2651HF2974Revised for new information.
SF2706As Introduced
SF2742HF2979As Introduced
SF2751HF3383As Introduced
SF2809HF2833As Introduced
SF2810HF3064As Introduced
SF2837HF3178As Introduced
SF2866As Introduced
SF2867HF3289As Introduced
SF2875HF3326As Introduced
SF2876As Introduced
SF2885As Introduced
SF2896As Introduced
SF2906HF3281As Introduced
SF2914HF3285As Introduced
SF2921HF3243As Introduced
SF2930HF3288As Introduced
SF2930HF3288Revised for new information.
SF2944HF3192As Introduced
SF2960As Introduced
SF2962As Introduced
SF2975HF3353As Introduced
SF2990HF3392As Introduced
SF2997HF3140As Introduced
SF3000As Introduced
SF3000Revised for February Forecast
SF3000Revised for Corrected Local Aid Estimates
SF3000Revised for FY Allocation of Estate Tax Changes
SF3000Revised for Magazines for Nexus Issues
SF3000Revised for Institutional Meals
SF3000Revised for Corporate Mail Order
SF3001HF3329As Introduced
SF3011HF3186As Introduced
SF3029HF3375As Introduced
SF3036HF3191As Introduced
SF3047HF3491As Introduced
SF3105HF3581As Introduced
SF3116As Introduced
SF3127As Introduced
SF3149As Introduced
SF3149Revised for Oral amendment
SF3190HF3450As Introduced
SF3190HF3450Revised for new information.
SF3248HF3503As Introduced
SF3263HF3620As Introduced
SF3285HF3628As Introduced
SF3287HF3588As Introduced
SF3291HF3574As Introduced
SF3338HF3591As Introduced
SF3358HF3583As Introduced
SF3387HF3627As Introduced
SF3388HF3629As Introduced
SF3400HF3642As Introduced
SF3409HF3652As Introduced
SF3418As Introduced
SF3428HF3674As Introduced
SF3428HF3674Revised for new information.