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Last Updated: 8/22/2014

Revenue Analyses for 2001-2002 Legislative Session for House Files

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Revenue Analyses

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 2001/2002 House Files

House File House File
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Senate File Senate File
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HF0001As Introduced
HF0002As Introduced
HF0004As Introduced
HF0005SF0259As Introduced, Revised for Administrative Impact
HF0010As Introduced, Revised for Administrative Impact
HF0012As Introduced
HF0014SF0260As Proposed to be Amended
HF0014SF0260As Amended
HF0014SF0260Delete as Amended
HF0015SF0149As Introduced, Revised for Administrative Impact
HF0015SF0149As Proposed to be Amended
HF0026SF0700As Introduced
HF0032SF0060As Introduced
HF0045SF0123As Proposed to be Amended
HF0048Preliminary Analysis
HF0052SF0290As Introduced
HF0067SF0284As Introduced
HF0068SF0267As Introduced, Revised for Administrative Impact
HF0073SF0193As Introduced
HF0073SF0193Revised for February Forecast
HF0077As Introduced
HF0079SF0035As Introduced
HF0084SF1391As Introduced
HF0085SF0131As Introduced
HF0090SF0195As Introduced, Revised for Administrative Impact
HF0091SF0316As Introduced, Revised for Administrative Impact
HF0107SF0183As Introduced
HF0112SF0135As Introduced
HF0112SF0135As Introduced, Updated Analysis
HF0113SF0134As Introduced
HF0113SF0134As Introduced, Updated Analysis
HF0176SF1024As Introduced
HF0179SF1158As Introduced
HF0183As Introduced
HF0183SF0310Revised for February Forecast
HF0184SF1163As Introduced
HF0184SF1163Revised for February Forecast
HF0189SF0238As Introduced
HF0192SF0232As Introduced
HF0194SF0233As Introduced
HF0212As Proposed to be Amended
HF0233SF0230As Introduced
HF0251SF0304As Introduced
HF0270SF0360Revised for Updated Data
HF0283SF0913As Introduced
HF0290SF0455As Introduced
HF0294SF0347As Introduced
HF0315As Introduced
HF0318As Introduced
HF0318SF0547Revised for February Forecast
HF0337SF0630As Amended
HF0339SF0377As Introduced
HF0359SF0365As Introduced
HF0363As Introduced, Revised for Administrative Impact
HF0363As Proposed to be Amended
HF0367SF0364As Introduced
HF0377SF0330As Introduced
HF0381SF0337As Introduced
HF0400SF0474As Introduced
HF0409SF0531As Introduced
HF0409SF0531Revised to Include Furnishings
HF0443SF0420As Introduced
HF0458As Introduced
HF0468SF0524As Introduced
HF0498SF0583As Introduced
HF0499SF0533As Introduced
HF0503SF1532As Introduced
HF0503SF1532Revised to Correct General Fund Total
HF0545SF1511As Introduced
HF0545SF1511Revised for House Amendment
HF0548SF0600As Introduced
HF0552SF0692As Introduced
HF0552SF0692As Proposed to be Amended
HF0573SF0581As Introduced
HF0575As Introduced
HF0577As Introduced
HF0592As Introduced
HF0607SF0840As Introduced
HF0612SF0870As Proposed to be Amended
HF0616SF0576As Introduced
HF0633SF0696As Introduced
HF0662SF0713As Introduced
HF0668As Introduced
HF0682SF0704As Introduced
HF0697SF1259As Introduced
HF0755As Introduced
HF0756SF0901As Introduced
HF0820As Introduced
HF0832SF1130As Introduced
HF0858SF1023As Introduced
HF0880SF1885As Introduced
HF0931SF1121As Introduced
HF0938SF0885As Introduced
HF0940SF1029As Introduced
HF0946SF1087As Introduced
HF0947SF1015As Introduced
HF0960SF0942As Introduced
HF0961SF1955Preliminary Analysis
HF0961SF1955Revised to Correct Fund Designations
HF0962SF11991st Engrossment of House Bill
HF0974SF1026As Introduced
HF0981SF12191st Engrossment of House Bill
HF1000SF0955As Introduced
HF1017SF0921As Proposed to be Amended
HF1018SF1751As Introduced
HF1018SF1751Revised for Amendment
HF1041As Introduced
HF1042As Introduced
HF1043SF1167As Introduced
HF1057SF1016As Introduced
HF1096SF1094As Introduced
HF1119SF1422As Introduced
HF1120SF1241As Introduced
HF1143SF1041As Introduced
HF1175SF1848As Introduced
HF1176SF1847As Introduced
HF1178SF1839As Introduced
HF1183SF2206As Introduced
HF1187SF1187As Introduced
HF1199SF1143As Introduced
HF1298SF1633As Introduced
HF1316SF1692As Introduced
HF1316SF1692Revised for New Information
HF1317SF1473As Introduced
HF1321SF1703As Introduced
HF1322As Introduced
HF1323SF13033rd Engrossment of House Bill
HF1335SF1489As Introduced
HF1346SF1228As Introduced
HF1357As Proposed to be Amended
HF1359SF21253rd Engrossment
HF1359SF2125As Introduced, Tax Provision Only
HF1398SF1442As Introduced
HF1399SF1420As Introduced
HF1402SF0631As Proposed to be Amended (H1402A2)
HF1402SF0631As Proposed to be Amended
HF1425SF2271As Introduced
HF1441SF2104As Introduced
hF1495SF1629As Introduced
HF1501SF1621As Introduced
HF1505SF1798As Introduced
HF1511SF1876As Introduced
HF1523SF1493As Introduced
HF1535SF1491As Introduced
HF15433rd Engrossment
HF1557As Introduced
HF1578As Introduced
HF1611SF1784As Introduced
HF1613SF1631As Introduced
HF1613SF1631As Proposed to be Amended
HF1635SF1846As Introduced
HF1663SF1657As Introduced
HF1666SF1810As Introduced
HF1673As Introduced
HF1679SF1640As Introduced
HF1695SF2128As Introduced
HF1715SF2070As Introduced
HF1731SF1991As Proposed to be Amended
HF1740SF1805As Introduced
HF1754SF2067As Introduced
HF1806SF1822As Introduced
HF1848SF2062As Proposed to be Amended
HF1848SF2062As Introduced
HF1907As Introduced
HF1916SF2181As Introduced
HF1944SF1922As Introduced
HF1974SF2221As Introduced
HF1976SF1918As Introduced
HF1981As Introduced, Revised for Administrative Impact
HF1985As Introduced
HF1995SF2155As Introduced
HF2020As Introduced
HF2037SF2208As Introduced
HF2037SF2208Revised for Sales Tax Impact
HF2037SF2208Delete Everything Amendment
HF2042SF1949As Introduced
HF2045SF1910As Introduced
HF2051SF1877As Introduced
HF2082SF1925As Introduced
HF2086SF1871Preliminary Analysis
HF2086SF1871Revised to Correct Fund Designations
HF2086SF1871As Amended in Senate Sales & Income Tax Div. & Included in the Senate Tax Omnibus Bill
HF2106As Introduced
HF2121SF2114As Introduced
HF2127As Introduced
HF2133SF2026As Introduced
HF2142SF2000As Introduced
HF2152SF2001As Introduced
HF2160As Introduced
HF2214As Passed by the House Tax Committee
HF2214SF18573rd Engrossment As Passed by House Tax Committee
HF2236SF2129As Introduced
HF2237SF2152As Introduced
HF2247SF2157As Introduced
HF2256As Proposed to be Amended
HF2268SF2161As Introduced
HF2279SF2149As Introduced
HF2308SF2224As Introduced
HF2344SF2212As Introduced
HF2346SF2213As Introduced
HF2375SF2239As Introduced
HF2383SF2329As Introduced
HF2387As Introduced
HF2397SF2292As Introduced
HF2409SF2280As Introduced
HF2436As Introduced
HF2444As Introduced
HF2450SF2327As Proposed to be Amended
HF2450SF2327Revised for Amendment
HF2513As Introduced
HF2513As Amended
HF2572SF2958As Introduced
HF2594As Introduced
HF2602SF2442As Introduced
HF2611As Introduced
HF2611SF2432Revised for New Information and Amendment
HF2614SF2778As Introduced
HF2627SF2756As Introduced
HF2630SF2484As Introduced
HF2633SF2717As Introduced
HF2638SF2718As Introduced
HF2641SF32742nd Engrossment
HF2655SF2536As Introduced
HF2666SF3007Preliminary Analysis
HF2666SF3007Revised for Additional Accounts Receivable Information
HF2667SF2525As Introduced
HF2674SF2547As Introduced
HF2715SF2613As Introduced
HF2715SF2613As Amended
HF2718SF2708As Introduced
HF2718SF2708Revised Homeowner PTR Estimate
HF2720SF2701As Introduced
HF2721SF2700As Introduced
HF2733SF2500As Introduced
HF2734SF2635As Introduced
HF2736SF2713As Introduced
HF27511st Engrossment
HF2765SF2666As Introduced
HF2777SF2544As Introduced
HF2817SF2743Revised to Correct Assumption
HF2817SF2743Revised Homeowner PTR Estimate
HF2875As Introduced
HF2878SF3038And Amendment
HF2878SF3038As Amended in the Senate Tax Committee
HF2879SF3343As Introduced
HF2881SF2796As Introduced
HF2924SF2754As Introduced
HF2937SF2928As Introduced
HF2941SF3411As Introduced
HF2958SF2887As Introduced
HF2958SF2887As Amended by H2958DE1
HF2977SF2985As Introduced
HF2985As Introduced
HF2999SF3179As Introduced
HF2999SF31791st Engrossment
HF3008SF2956As Introduced
HF3009SF2901As Introduced
HF3050SF3371As Introduced
HF3159As Introduced
HF3195SF3063As Introduced
HF3270Sections Relating to the Dividend Received Deductionos as Amended 3/21/02 by Senate
HF3277SF3057As Introduced
HF3325SF3166As Introduced
HF3343SF3042As Introduced
HF3353SF2975As Introduced
HF3376SF3077As Introduced
HF3376SF3077Revised to Correct Error in Computation
HF3378SF3334As Introduced
HF3387SF3112As Introduced
HF3397SF3280As Introduced
HF3426SF3237As Introduced
HF3454As Introduced
HF3467SF3245As Introduced
HF3476SF3247As Introduced
HF3522SF3375As Introduced
HF3549SF3294As Introduced
HF3552As Introduced
HF3585SF3374As Introduced
HF3594SF3390As Introduced
HF3595SF3396As Introduced
HF3639SF3416As Introduced
HF3639SF3416Revised to Include Disparity Reduction credit
HF3664As Introduced
HF3669As Introduced
HF3699SF3446As Introduced