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Last Updated: 1/31/2014

Property Tax Burden (Voss) Report

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This report analyzes how Minnesota homeowner property values and property taxes vary by income and region. It includes data on estimated market value, state-paid refunds, net property tax and homestead income.


Taxes Payable 2011

Residential Homestead Property Tax Burden (Published January 2014)

Taxes Payable 2009 

Residential Homestead Property Tax Burden (Published December 2013) 

Taxes Payable 2008  

Residential Homestead Property Tax Burden Report (Published January 2011)

Taxes Payable 2007

Residential Homestead Tax Relief Supplement (Published April 2010)
         Focuses on the Homestead Market Value Credit (HMVC) and Property Tax Refund (PTR) programs.