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Last Updated: 9/5/2018

Contested Claim Hearings

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Revenue Recapture

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​After the Minnesota Department of Revenue captures a debtor's refund, they can dispute the recapture by requesting a contested claim hearing. They must send a written request to the claimant agency within 45 days of our Revenue Recapture notice for that refund.

If a debtor contacts your agency and requests a contested claim hearing, determine what the request is about –  the recapture claim against their refund or the debt owed to your agency and respond as shown in the table below.  

What is the hearing request about?

​How should you respond?

Recapture claim against debtor's refund ​Request a hearing with the Office of Administrative Hearings within 30 days
Debt owed to your agency ​Refer to your agency's policy for disputes