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Last Updated: 11/25/2013

Truth in Taxation

County auditors and treasurers should use these instructions to prepare and mail parcel-specific notices of proposed property taxes.

The instructions have been reviewed and reorganized into a single document that contains information about the Truth-in-Taxation process and requirements for the parcel-specific notice. The calendar and checklist have been combined and are on Pages 2 and 3 of the instructions.

There is navigation built into the instructions so you can click on an item from the Contents on Page 1 to go to that topic. There are also clickable links, colored blue, in the document that will take you to the section of the instructions that deals with the topic.
The instructions include information about the one-time Property Tax Savings Report that must be included with the parcel-specific notice. The examples below include both versions of how the report may be shown. Either version can be used regardless of where the county is located.


Truth in Taxation Materials
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pdfTruth in Taxation InstructionsCalendar, Instructions, & Schedule
pdfNonmetro ExampleExamples
pdfMetro ExampleExamples
pdfPay 2014 TNT Notice Memo - Sales Tax Savings ReportPay 2014 TNT Notice Memo - Sales Tax Savings Report
pdfCertification of Truth in Taxation ComplianceForm TNT



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