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Last Updated: 5/15/2018

Property Tax Calculation Course

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This independent study course provides online instruction on how property taxes are calculated. It provides a concise introduction to the basic terms and methodology for calculating property taxes. It includes examples and problems that give thorough instruction on the step-by-step computations.  

You may work through the course at your own pace in an interactive computer-based training (CBT) and in workbook format. Click one of the links below to begin. The times provided are approximate.

Course Materials for Taxes Payable 2018


This course serves two purposes.

  1. It provides the necessary training to certify county officials in tax calculation as established by law. This training ensures that taxpayers will have someone at the county level to turn to who can manually work through a tax calculation and explain how their tax amounts are determined. This certification must be renewed every four years. View the statute (Minnesota Statutes 273.0755).
  2. It provides basic training on the mechanics of the property tax system for any interested person – and particularly for government employees working with property taxes. It makes the system more understandable and accessible to the curious observer or new employee, as well as serve as a refresher to the experienced employee.

Is there a test?

You must complete and pass an exam if you are taking this course to attain certification and compliance under Minnesota Statutes 273.0755. (If you are taking this course only for informational purposes, testing is not necessary.)

Learn more about testing for certification.


If you have any comments or suggestions this course, we are very eager to hear from you. Send an email to the Auditor/Treasurer Services Unit at