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Last Updated: 4/1/2016

Board of Appeal and Equalization

 Why Do Board Members Need to be Trained?  

  • Legislation enacted in the 2003 and 2008 sessions requires that there be at least one member at each meeting of a Board of Appeal and Equalization who has completed an appeals and equalization course developed or approved by the Commissioner of Revenue within the last four years
  • The legislation was enacted in part as a response to complaints that were directed to the Governor, Legislature and Department of Revenue.



How Do Board Members Take the Training?

Please be sure to check this website frequently as we will continue to post additional information regarding this online training opportunity.  

Step 1: Register to take the online training 

Registration for the online training is now closed. Registration for the 2017 Board of Appeal season will open on July 1, 2016.  


Step 2: Read the important information regarding the online training

Instructions on How to Access the Training

Instructions on How to Print your Completion Certificate

Online Training Troubleshooting

>> If you need additional assistance, please check the FAQ's listed in the right column of this page <<


Step 3: Take the Online Training  

The online training has been shut down for the 2016 Board of Appeal season. The training will be available on July 1, 2016 for the 2017 Board of Appeal Season.


To view/print your completion certificate, please click on the link below



Board of Appeal and Equalization Course Handbook

 This handbook was created to satisfy the training requirements of Minnesota Statutes, sections 274.014 and 274.135. This handbook is for your reference, please feel free to save or print a copy.

Board of Appeal and Equalization Handbook


Where can I Check and Certify Training Compliance?  


Trained Member Roster 

To help you comply with this requirement, listings of all LBAE and CBAE members who have taken the training in the last four years are posted below. We will update the certification lists at the end of each month. Feel free to use the filter and sort functions to find the information you need.

   (updated April 1, 2016)
   (updated April 1, 2016) 

Trained Member Certification Form

All local boards of appeal and equalization and county boards of appeal and equalization must complete this form by February 1 of the assessment year.  Please print and complete the form. Local boards must certify to the county assessor and county boards must certify to the Commissioner of Revenue.

LBAE Trained Member Certification

CBAE Trained Member Certification



Please email or call 651-556-6104