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Last Updated: 3/22/2017

Board of Appeal and Equalization

 Why do board members need to be trained?  

  • Under state law, each Board of Appeal and Equalization meeting must include a voting member who has completed a Department of Revenue training course within the last four years. Each board must also certify by February 1 that the board has a trained member.


​If LBAE does not meet requirement

​If CBAE does not meet requirement

Certify trained member by February 1

The board's powers are transferred to the county for the current assessment year

​The boards's powers are transferred to a special board for the current assessment year

​Trained member not present at the board of appeal meeting

Meeting is turned over to the county and becomes an open book meeting. The board's powers are transferred for the following assessment year as well.

Meeting is adjourned immediately and all taxpayers who would have appealed can appeal to the Commissioner of Revenue before August 1. A fee of $500 per tax parcel that is appealed will be assessed to the county


How do I take the training?

 You can take the Board of Appeal and Equalization training online using the link below.


Where can I check to see who is trained?  

To help you comply with this requirement, listings of all LBAE and CBAE members who have taken the training in the last four years are posted below. We will update the certification lists at the end of each month. Feel free to use the filter and sort functions to find the information you need. 


What do I need to do to provide proof of certification?

All local boards of appeal and equalization and county boards of appeal and equalization must complete this form by February 1. Please print and complete the form.  Local boards must submit to the county assessor and county boards must submit to the Commissioner of Revenue.

LBAE Trained Member Certification

CBAE Trained Member Certification



Please email or call 651-556-6104