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Last Updated: 1/29/2018

Homestead Files - PTR and Duplicate

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PTR File is due April 30

Duplicate Homestead File is due July 31

Files will not be accepted prior to March 1.

The Property Tax Refund (PTR) file includes the previous year’s assessment data and the current payable year’s tax statement data. It is used to determine eligibility for the PTR and is compared to information provided on the refund returns. 

The Duplicate Homestead file should reflect ownership as of the Jan. 2 assessment date. It does not include any mid-year homesteads granted for that assessment year. 

Homestead File Instructions

2018 Homestead Files InstructionsFile requirements, changes for 2018 and important notes. Please read.
Combined PTR and Duplicate Homestead Files Zip PackageThis zip file contains all of the primary and imported XML Schema files (.xsd files), pdf, sample form and images. To uncompress the file you will need a program such as WinZip. PLEASE NOTE: This zip file also contains the instance document.
Schema DiagramThis diagram illustrates the data elements and their proper relationships, and is similar to a file layout.

Auditor Duplicate Homestead Reporting

Fraudulent Homestead Form
After county assessors review Duplicate Homestead Reports from the Department of Revenue, the county auditors use this form to report fraudulent homestead data.

Submission Information

We cannot accept files sent by email for security reasons. For instructions on how to submit your Homestead XML files,  information about error messages, and help with XML, see the links below.

To submit your homestead files, go to the Electronic Data Exchange (EDE) information page. Or, you may go directly to the:


Phone: 651-556-3097