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Last Updated: 9/27/2018

Fire State Aid

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Fire State Aid helps subsidize pension costs for local governments and fire relief associations. A fire department's authorized representatives must submit Form FA-1, Fire Equipment Certification, to the Department of Revenue by March 15 to avoid losing part or all of its aid for this year.

Fire State Aid amounts are determined in late-September and paid by Oct. 1 each year. 

Deadline and Penalties

We will notify each fire department that has not submitted Form FA-1 by March 15. Our notice will remind the fire department that it could forfeit all or part of its aid for the year if we do not receive the form within 10 days.

Any fire department that does not submit Form FA-1 by the deadline will forfeit 5 percent of this year's Fire State Aid for each week (or fraction of a week) that the form is late.

Form and Information

FA-1 Forms ReceivedList of Fire Departments with Form FA-1 Received Date
2018 Fire State Aid Amounts2018 Fire State Aid Amounts
2017 Fire State Aid Amounts2017 Fire State Aid Amounts
2016 Fire State Aid Amounts2016 Fire State Aid Amounts

Service Areas and Apportionment Agreements

If your fire department has had any changes in service areas, you must submit new fire service agreements, new apportionment agreements, and/or notification of termination of contracts to our office. Changes in service area coverage will not be made for Fire State Aid purposes unless you submit this documentation.

Apportionment AgreementApportionment Agreement Form
Apportionment Agreement InstructionsInstructions for filling out an apportionment agreement form
Example AApportionment Agreement Example A
Example BApportionment Agreement Example B