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Last Updated: 12/8/2015

Disaster and Destroyed Property: Tax Relief Provisions

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There are three forms of tax relief for destroyed property in Minnesota:

  1. Local Option Disaster Abatement
  2. Homestead Disaster Credit
  3. Local Option Disaster Credit

For more information concerning disaster relief see the Property Tax Administrator's Manual and/or the Auditor-Treasurer Manual.

Assessor's Disaster Response Guide 

 Packet 1: The Immediate Response

 Packet 2: The Reassessment

Packet 3: Disaster Relief and Follow Up

Reimbursement of Local Option Disaster Abatements

Counties may apply for reimbursement of abated taxes for properties that have received a Local Option Disaster Abatement and are located in a disaster or emergency area (as so declared by the Executive Council). Please use the application below for reimbursement.

Form LODA-1, Local Option Disaster Abatements -Reimbursements


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