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Last Updated: 1/10/2018

Assessment Forms

Are you a taxpayer looking for a property tax form or application?
Some property tax forms are available on our website. (These forms are primarily for programs that the Department of Revenue administers, including Property Tax Refunds, Senior Citizen Deferral, and SFIA.)

All other property tax forms, including homestead applications, are available from your county

‚ÄčIn order to standardize property tax assessment forms for taxpayers, the Department of Revenue reviews the law and develops forms for statewide use.  To minimize confusion over where taxpayers should return their forms, we do not post them on our website. Instead, forms are emailed to all county assessor offices in the state for distribution at the local level. 

Requesting Forms

First, check to see if your office has a copy of the form you need. We distribute forms when they are created or updated, and your office should have a saved copy.

If you cannot locate the form, you may request a new copy by emailing

Forms Available to Local Government Offices upon Request  

  • Agricultural Homestead Application (for all types of agricultural homesteads, including relatives)
  • Agricultural Homestead Linkage Form
  • Agricultural Use Verification Form
  • Class 1b Application - Blind/Disabled Homestead Classification
  • Class 1d Application - Migrant Housing 
  • Class 2c Application - Managed Forest Land Classification
  • Class 4c(3)i and 4c(3)ii Applications and Addendum - Non-profit Community Service Organizations
  • Class 4c(10) Declaration - Seasonal Restaurant on a Lake
  • Class 4c(11) Application - Marina
  • Disabled Veterans Market Value Exclusion Applications
    • 70 percent or more disability
    • 100 percent, total and permanent
    • Primary Family Caregiver
    • Surviving Spouses
  • Green Acres Application and Addendum Form
  • Homestead Application
  • Local Option Disaster Application
  • Open Space Application
  • Property Tax Exemption Applications
    • Institutions of Purely Public Charity
    • Nursing Homes and Boarding Care Homes
    • All other exemptions
  • Rural Preserve Application

Forms Available on our Website