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Last Updated: 12/7/2012

Submission Steps

Steps for submitting Annual License Information


Step 1

Prepare an Excel document copying the Example Document. A separate row must be completed for each license issued. (NOTE-If a pop-up window appears asking for a password, choose cancel.)

  • AUTHORITY CODE – Enter the appropriate code from the Authority Code List.
  • LICENSE TYPE CODE – Enter the appropriate license code from the License Code List.
  • LICENSE NUMBER – If the same license number is issued each year, enter it in this column. If the license number changes each year, leave this field blank.
  • NAME – Enter the legal name associated with the ID provided.
  • A MN Tax ID, Federal ID (FEIN) or Social Security Number (SSN) is required for each license entry:
    • MN TAX ID – Enter the appropriate seven digit number.
    • FEIN (Federal ID) – Enter the appropriate 9 digit number.
    • SSN (Social Security Number) – Enter the appropriate nine digit number..
  • EXPIRATION DATE – Enter the license expiration date. Use the format: YYYYMMDD.


Step 2

After completing the required fields, rename the document with the title of the Licensing Authority (ie, City of Saint Paul). 


Step 3

Upload the completed file via the secured Electric Data Exchange (EDE) site.

Login using the User ID and Password included in the original email or letter received from the Minnesota Department of Revenue Collection Division License Team. The User ID and Password are shared and cannot be changed.

  • Click on “Transmit a File"
  • Select the MS Excel 2003(*.xls) Transmission Type
  • Browse for the file name
  • Enter appropriate contact information in the  “Comments” field
  • Click on the “Upload” button.

Thank you for submitting your license information