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Last Updated: 1/5/2015

Property Tax Refund

Don’t miss out on your 2013 Homestead Credit Refund

You need to file by August 15, 2015. You may be eligible even if you’re not required to file a Minnesota income tax return. To learn more, go to Homeowner's Homestead Credit Refund.

Refund Tables

The refund tables have been updated. In most cases, this will result in a larger refund.  Applicants who haven’t qualified for the refund in the past may now qualify.

Household Income

Applicants may now subtract some or all of their qualified retirement plan contributions from household income.  An addition is still required for retirement plan contributions deducted on the income tax return; however, a subtraction of up to $5,500 per applicant ($11,000 for a joint application) is now allowed.
Applicants must now include in their household income distributions from a ROTH style account or any other distribution from a qualified retirement plan account that is not included in Adjusted Gross Income.