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Last Updated: 12/27/2017

Special Homestead Credit Refund (for Homeowners)

The special Homestead Credit Refund  is based on the increase of your property tax over the previous year.

To qualify for the special refund, all of the following must be true:

  • You owned and lived in the same home on both Jan. 2, 2017, and Jan. 2, 2018.
  • The net property tax on your homestead increased by more than 12 percent from 2017 to 2018.
  • The increase was at least $100 and wasn’t due to improvements you made to the property.

There is no limit on household income for the special refund. You may qualify even if you don’t qualify for the regular refund. The maximum special refund is $1,000.

Note: If you use part of your home for a business, be sure to read "Special Situations" on page 10 of the Homestead Credit Refund (for Homeowners) and Renter's Property Tax Refund  instructions.

How to Apply

To apply, download and complete Form M1PR, Homestead Credit Refund (for Homeowners) and Renter's Property Tax Refund or ask us to mail the form to you by calling 651-296-3781 or 1-800-652-9094.
You can submit Form M1PR by mail or file it online (for a small fee). See Electronic Filing for the Property Tax refund.
Note: You’re no longer required to include your property tax statement when mailing a paper return. Property tax information will be provided by your county.