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Last Updated: 3/29/2016


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Taxpayers who are age 65 or older often have questions about their taxes due to income or lifestyle changes. For example:

  • If you are retired, you may leave the state or spend part of the year elsewhere. This can affect your residency for tax purposes, including how much tax you pay, if you must pay estimated taxes, or file a Minnesota income tax return.
  • Minnesota taxes some types of retirement income differently than at the federal level. You may have “adjustments” to taxable income on your state return to account for these differences. These include “subtractions” when income is taxed at the federal level but not by Minnesota, and “additions” when the reverse is true.
  • Minnesota has several tax credits, income subtractions, and other programs available to seniors. If you qualify, these may lower your state income tax or let you defer part of your local property taxes.

For more information, see Income Tax Fact Sheet 6- Seniors. This fact sheet covers some common tax questions for seniors (age 65 or older) including:

  • Filing requirements and residency
  • What income is taxed by Minnesota
  • How income is reported
  • Tax credits and other benefits available to seniors

The fact sheet also explores other programs that may benefit seniors, such as the Minnesota Homestead Credit (for Homeowners), Renters Property Tax Refund or Senior Citizen Property Tax Deferral Program.