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Last Updated: 1/8/2013

e-Services Help for Libraries



Minnesota libraries can use this web application to submit an order of Minnesota individual income tax forms that you then supply to the general public. There is no cost to the library for ordering or receiving these forms. The forms available for ordering are the most common forms used.

If a library customer needs forms that cannot be ordered through this application, they can download the forms they need from the Minnesota Department of Revenue website:

Tax professionals are required to pay for the forms they need to conduct their business, and are not given access to this system.

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To access this system, you will need the 5-digit library identification number that is printed on the address label of the postcard you should have received from the department in mid-December. If you did not receive a postcard, you can request a library ID number by sending an e-mail to the department at with the name and location of your library.

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Information about your library

Once you enter your library ID number, you will see a screen that displays the name and address information that the department has on file for your library. If any of this information is incorrect or has changed, please update the information on-screen. Your forms will be delivered to the address shown on this screen.

All detail about your library is required, including the library name, shipping address, contact name and phone number, and e-mail address. This information is important in case we need to contact you about your order. If you have a suite number or want the forms sent to the attention of a particular person or department, be sure to include that on one of the address lines.

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Completing your order

The forms listed on the "Library forms order" screen are the ones that are currently offered because they are the most commonly used forms. If the list of most commonly used forms changes, this list may change. Each library will automatically receive one Package XM with their forms order. You cannot order another one through this application.

Enter the quantity of each form that you want delivered to your library in the box to the right of that form. You can order from 1 to 9,999 of each form. In most cases, the instructions are printed on the back of the form. If the instructions are printed separately (for forms other than the M1 and M1PR), you will receive one set of instructions for each form you order. Please be careful to order as close as possible to the number of forms you will need to avoid unnecessary printing and mailing costs.

Any enclosures included with a form or set of instructions are listed next to the form title on the screen. Following is a more complete list of what is included with each item on the order list.

Back order​ Item:​ Includes:​ Description:​
M1 instruction booklet​ M1 ​ Individual Income Tax Return ​
M1W​ Minnesota Income Tax Withheld ​
M1M​ Income Additions and Subtractions​
M1ED ​ K-12 Education Credit ​
M1WFC ​ Minnesota Working Family Credit ​
M60 ​ Income Tax Return Payment voucher​
Tax tables​ Tax tables for Minnesota income​
M1 ​ M1​​ Individual Income Tax Return​
M1W ​ M1W ​ Minnesota Income Tax Withheld ​
M1CD​ M1CD plus instructions​ Child and Dependent Care Credit​
M1ED​ M1ED plus instructions​ K-12 Education Credit ​
M1M​ M1M plus instructions​ Income Additions and Subtractions​
M1NR​ M1NR plus instructions​ Nonresidents and Part-Year Residents​
M1R​ M1R plus instructions​ Subtraction for those 65 or older or disabled​
M1WFC​ M1WFC plus instructions​ Minnesota Working Family Credit​
M1C​ M1C plus instructions​ Other Nonrefundable Credits​
M1H​ M1H plus instructions​ Credit for New Participants in a Section 125 Employer Health Insurance Plan​
M1PR instruction booklet​ M1PR ​ Property Tax Refund Return (for homeowners and renters)​
Worksheets​​ To determine eligibility for special credits​
Refund tables​ To determine refund amount, if any​
M1PR​ M1PR​ Property Tax Refund Return (for homeowners and renters)​


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Once you have submitted your forms order, you will see a "Library forms order confirmation" screen. That screen gives you a summary of your order and a confirmation number and date time stamp indicating when the order was submitted. You should print this screen for future reference. If you forget to print this screen, or misplace it, you can use the "View history" function to retrieve the summary of your order as well.

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Viewing the history of your orders:

We begin shipping forms orders to libraries the first week of January. After that date, it may take up to two weeks (ten business days) for you to receive your order. You can check on the status of your order by clicking on the "View history" button either on the "Library forms order" screen or the "Library forms order confirmation" screen.

The "Library forms order view history" screen will show each order that you have submitted. It will display the confirmation ID, date of the order and a list of the items and quantities you ordered. It will also display the status of each order. The statuses and the meanings of each are:

  • Received — the department has received your order
  • Back order — the forms are on back order and your order cannot be filled yet
  • Shipped — the order has been shipped
  • Cancelled — your order has been cancelled (we only cancel orders per your request or if forms were ordered by someone other than a library)

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