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Last Updated: 6/11/2015


The Department of Revenue's online filing and paying system for businesses.

Save and Finish Later Added to Microdistillery and Distilled Spirits Returns 

We have added the ability to save your Microdistillery and Distilled Spirit returns in e-Services.
Want to learn more, check out our Save and Finish Later page. 

Save and Finish Later - Coming Soon for the Property Tax Refund Online Filing System

Starting April 1, you will be able to save your electronic homeowner Property Tax Refund return up to 14 days before submitting it.

Note: Homeowners - You can start using our system to file your 2014 Property Tax Refund return on April 1.

New features and Changes in e-Services!

 On March 11 we will be adding new features to e-Services including:

  •  Forgot Username: You will be able to recall your username from the e-Services home page. All you will need is the email address associated with your login. You can find more information on our Forgot Username page.

  • Forgot Password and Account Locked: We will be making some updates to our existing Forgot Password and Account Locked processes. You will still need the same information as before. You can find more information on our Forgot Password  and Account Locked pages.

  • Required Fields: Required fields will now have "Required" watermark text in addition to an asterisk (*).

  • History Tab: The History Tab contains all of the requests you have submitted in e-Services. You may see up to three new sub tabs when viewing your History.  You can find more information on our History Tab page.

        The new sub tabs will be:

    • Not Submitted: This tab will display if you have saved requests that are "Not Submitted". If your request is "Not Submitted" you will need to complete it. Find more information on our Save and Finish Later page.

    • Waiting to be Processed: This tab will display if you have requests that are "Submitted". These include any payments you have submitted with a future payment date.

    • All Requests: This tab will display all of your requests no matter the status. You can find more information about requests on our Request Statuses page.