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Last Updated: 10/29/2018


The Minnesota Department of Revenue's online filing and paying system for businesses.

e-Services Sales and Use Tax Account Updates

We made improvements to the e-Services Sales and Use Tax account to make it easier to add local taxes. To do so, see our Add Local Tax and Other Taxes to a Sales and Use Tax Account page.


New Levy Account

We added a new Levy Account to e-Services on June 27. We developed the account based on customer feedback. The account will make it easier for employers and banks to manage levies they receive.

For more information, visit the Levy Account page.

e-Services Access

 We updated how to set-up Third-party Access and manage all accesses to your accounts on March 7.

  • Setting up Third-party Access—You can use the new Set up access with another business (from the I Want To section on your profile) to request or approve third-party access.

  • Managing access to your accounts—You can use the following new links (from the I Want To section on your profile) to:

    • Manage external access to my accounts—Edit access levels for existing external users with third-party access.

    • Manage internal access to my accounts

      • Edit access levels for internal account managers.

      • Add new internal logons.