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Last Updated: 3/8/2018



The Minnesota Department of Revenue's online filing and paying system for businesses.


e-Services Navigation Updates

We made a few updates to the navigation in e-Services on March 7.

  • Profile and Account Settings—you can access your profile and account settings (including bank information, activity, and access) from the new Settings link in the top right corner from any screen.
  • Setting up Third-party Access—you can use the new Set up access with another business link (from the I Want To section on your profile) to request or approve third-party access.
  • Managing access to your accounts—you can use the following new links (from the I Want To section on your profile) to:
    • Manage external access to my accounts—edit access levels for existing external users with third-party access.
    • Manage internal access to my accounts:
      • Edit access levels for internal account managers.
      • Add new internal logons.