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Last Updated: 2/19/2013


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Early reviews are in on the Minnesota Department of Revenue's new e-Services enhancements. What we've heard so far provides solid, positive evidence that we are heading in the right direction.

To hear more about the feedback we gathered, watch the e-Services Enhancements Update "Usability Study" video.


Attention: Signup for an Enhanced e-Services Demonstration
The Minnesota Department of Revenue is offering training sessions for business taxpayers of the Department’s newly enhanced e-Services site. The Department will offer both on-site and on-line training. 



Feedback from e-Services user testing showed a need to simplify the data fields. Some changes we have been working on are:

  • White will be the standard background color.
  • A red asterisk will indicate a required field.
  • Red will continue being used when a field is in error but the explanation provided will be clearer.
  • The cursors will automatically move to fields that require information.

To see screen shots of the changes, watch the e-Services Enhancements Update 'Data Fields" video.

Please note any of the improvements highlighted are subject to change.



Feedback from e-Services user testing showed a need to simplify the system layout. For a preview of some of the coming changes,  watch the e-Services video. The video highlights:

  • A permanent menu on the left side of the screen to allow users to:
    • File or Change a Return.
    • Make or Cancel a Payment.
    • Manage Profile information.
  • Tabs have been formatted to be recognizable.
  • A symbol to indicate a transaction is processing.

Please note users will still be able to file and pay from their accounts.



The Minnesota Department of Revenue moved all business taxpayers to its new online system, e-Services, which replaces e-File Minnesota. After the transition was completed in early 2012, the department gathered user feedback about the new system.  This user study identified the following enhancements needed in e-Services:

  • Simplify the page layout.
  • Simplify the navigation.
  • Consistently and clearly label screens and functions.
  • Have consistently used and located screen-based controls to perform actions.
  • Provide extra help when users need it.
  • Inform users if they need to wait while the system processes their input.
This page will be updated monthly with progress and expected completion dates.