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Last Updated: 2/26/2013

Viewing Payments

You can find a record of payments on the History tab or on the account page (click View Payments to bring up the list). The descriptions below will help you determine where to look for a specific payment.

  • History – Shows pending and processed payments you made through e-Services for the last two months. (To adjust the date range being shown, click Change Date.)
  • View Payments – Shows all payments and credits you made on the account, whether through e-Services or by another method. To see your total payments for a specific filing period, click the Payment Summary tab. 

Note:  The amounts for Total Payment and Applied to this Period  will be the same  unless you made one payment that covers multiple filing periods or tax accounts. (If you did, Applied to this Period will show only the part of your payment that applies to the specific period and account you're looking at.)