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Last Updated: 2/21/2014

Payment Agreement System

‚ÄčThis system will assist in setting up a payment agreement for a debt. A bill must have been received from the Minnesota Department of Revenue prior to setting up a payment agreement. Please have this bill available before beginning.

Contact the department if any problems or questions are encountered during the setup process.  To begin the process, access our Payment Plan Agreement System.

Only individuals, including assessed officers, can set up an internet payment agreement. Corporations, partnership businesses or sole proprietors with business debt cannot utilize this service. Businesses can make payments using e-Services; however, they cannot setup a payment agreement. View a list of eligible payment types.

Certain conditions need to be met to qualify for this payment option. The system notifies debtors if they do not qualify. Debtors then are directed to either complete an online financial statement or contact the Collection Division. If the online financial statement is completed, it forwards appropriately for review, and the debtor will be contacted.