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Last Updated: 3/12/2013

Importing Returns

Returns that contain a lot of information can be imported into e-Services for some tax types. Please see the list below. When importing returns into e-Services you must use a format defined by the Minnesota Department of Revenue. File formats can be found on the File Format page.‚Äč

The following tax types and import a file of returns:

  • Sales and Use Tax  Return- Consolidated filers only
  • Cigarette Tax Monthly Return
  • Cigarette Tax Non-Resident Tax Returns
  • Tobacco Tax Monthly Return
  • Common Carrier Excise Tax Return
  • Distilled Spirits Excise Tax Return
  • Malt Beverage Excise Tax Return
  • Brewers Excise Tax Return and Annual Beer Production Report
  • Distilled Spirits and Wine Shipped Into Minnesota Report
  • Alcohol Sales on a Reservation
  • Farm Winery Tax Return
  • Wine Excise Tax Return
  • Lawful Gambling Monthly Tax Returns