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Last Updated: 12/21/2016

I did not receive my email or text

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Below are common issues why users do not receive their emails or texts, what to do when the issue is resolved, and how to update their user profile information.

Common Issues

  • Verify your email address or phone number is correct.
  • Verify your email address mailbox or phone storage is not full.
  • Check your Spam or Junk folder to ensure your provider has not filtered our email.
  • Ensure we are on your Safe Sender list. How you do this depends on the email provider you have. You may have to contact your IT staff to do this.
Note: If you are unable to login to e-Services and no longer have access to your email address, please contact us.

I resolved the email or text issue, now what?

 ​If you were ​ You can
 ​using Forgot Password ​ submit another request.
​ using Forgot Username ​ submit another request.
​ trying to enter a verification code ​ select Get New Code.

Update Your User Profile

Your email and phone number are part of your user profile. You can Update Your User Profile Information in e-Services.