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Last Updated: 6/4/2017

Change an Existing Referral

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​You can make the following changes to existing referrals:

  • Add a co-debtor
  • Adjust the statute of limitations
  • Reduce the referred amount (amend for less)

You only need to change the primary debtor's balance. Changing the balance automatically updates the debt for all co-debtors in our system.

We do not allow changes to the debtor's name, address, and contact information on completed requests.

Add a Co-Debtor to an Existing Referral

  1. Open the debt you need to update. For more information on how to locate a debt, see Search for Referred Debts
  2. Select View/Update Referral.
  3. Select Change.
  4. Select the box in the Add a Co-Debtor? row.
  5. Select Click to Add a Co-Debtor.
  6. Complete the fields as directed, including as much information as possible.
  7. Select OK. You can also change the statute of limitations and reduce the debt amount on this page.
  8. Select Submit.


Adjust the Statute of Limitations Date or Reduce the Referred Amount 

  1. Open the debt you need to update. For more information on how to locate a debt, see Search for Referred Debts.
  2. Select View/Update Referral.
  3. Select Change.
  4. Update the Statute of Limitations Date, if needed.
  5. Enter a reduced amount in the PrincipalPenalty, and Interest fields, if needed.
  6. Select Submit.


Increasing the Referred Principal Amount

There are two ways to increase the referred principal amount:

  • Submit a new referral for the difference between the original referred amount and the increased principal amount. You will have two referrals for the same debt equaling the total principal amount owed.
  • Recall the debt and send a new referral for the total principal amount. You will have one referral for the debt for the full amount of the principal.