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Last Updated: 6/8/2018

eCRV - Electronic Certificate of Real Estate Value

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A Certificate of Real Estate Value (CRV) is required to document a sale of property in Minnesota. CRV information is reviewed by the county of sale and the Department of Revenue to verify sale terms and ensure fair and equitable property tax assessments statewide. eCRV may be used for ALL counties of sale.

Video - Introduction to Using eCRV

eLearning: eCRV Password Reset Demonstration

eCRV improvements coming soon! Read about the eCRV Upgrade project.
We are now testing for the Public Search Upgrade (beta) for release July 12.  

Submit an eCRV

Prior to submitting an eCRV, click here to review the guidelines for when an eCRV is required


eCRV requires Internet Explorer 7 (or greater) or FireFox. JavaScript and Cookies must be enabled in your browser. 


Important Notice!

When conducting a general search or searching for a specific eCRV, the user will be required to choose one of the two options listed below

 Preliminary eCRV's

  • This search will produce results of preliminary eCRV submissions that have not been reviewed by county staff
  • These submissions will also not include any county information such as:  
    • Pin numbers
    • Parcel Values
    • Classifications
  • This search will be information as it was originally submitted to the county

Completed eCRV's

  • This search will produce results of eCRV's that have been completed by the county 
  • All data in this search will have been reviewed for accuracy and county data will be included
  • Please note that sales that appear in the preliminary search may not be available in the completed search at the same time due to the time required for county processing



Call 651-556-eCRV (3278) or email