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Last Updated: 8/31/2017


A levy is a legal action we may use to take money or property to collect unpaid taxes and other debts. (See Minnesota Statute 16D.08, subdivision 2.)

To collect your debt, we may issue a:

Priority of Levies 

The following levies take priority over ours:  

  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

  • Court ordered child support

  • Federal student loan

  • Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED)

Our wage levy takes priority over any private garnishment that has been in place for at least 70 days. (See Minnesota Statute 571.923.)

Failure to Honor

When a payer fails to complete electronic disclosures and send payments, they are not complying with our levy. We may hold the payer liable for your unpaid balance and add a 25 percent penalty for failing to honor the levy. (See Minnesota Statute 270C.70.)

Employee Rights

An employer cannot terminate or discipline you because of a levy.  (See Minnesota Statute 270C.69, subdivision 2 and Minnesota Statute 571.927. )