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Last Updated: 12/21/2017

File a Withholding Tax Return

In most cases, you are required to withhold Minnesota income tax and file a return if:

  • You employ anyone who works in Minnesota or is a Minnesota resident; and
  • You are required to withhold federal income tax from their wages

If you are not required to withhold federal income tax from the employee’s wages, in most cases you are not required to withhold Minnesota income tax. For detailed information on determining withholding, see Federal Circular E, IRS Publication 15 and Withholding Tax Fact Sheets.

If you have an active Minnesota tax ID number that is registered for Withholding Tax, you must file a return for each quarter even if you deposited all tax withheld or did not withhold tax during the quarter.  Quarterly returns are due April 30, July 31, October 31, and January 31 of the following year. If the due date for your return has passed, penalties and interest may apply.

What you will need before filing

  • Your seven-digit Minnesota tax ID number
  • Your personal password
  • Total amount deposited this period, including any credit carried forward from the previous period
  • Wages paid during the period
  • The dates you paid your employees and how much you withheld on each of those dates
  • Number of employees during the period
  • Internet access. Review our System Requirements for detailed information.

You will need to complete a payroll schedule when filing your quarterly return. You can also view payroll schedules you previously submitted using e-Services.

How to file your return

Withholding Tax returns are filed online using our e-Services system or by telephone. The department does not accept paper returns.

Save and finish later option

You have the option to save your return information for up to 14 days. The request will have a Not Submitted status in e-Services.
Select the Save and Finish Later button to save your information. A confirmation screen will open with instructions on how to complete the process when you're ready. If you do not completed the request within 14 days, it will expire and you'll have to start over.
How to complete your request
1.     Log in to e-Services.
2.     Access the History tab.
3.     Select View Requests.
4.     Select the Confirmation # for your saved request in the Not Submitted tab.
5.      Select Change.
6.     Finish your request and submit.