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Last Updated: 3/23/2012

Withholding Tax Fact Sheets

These fact sheets contain general information about specific, tax-related topics.


 Fact Sheets

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 Fact Sheet 02
 Fact Sheet 02a
 Fact Sheet 03
 Fact Sheet 04
 Fact Sheet 05
 Fact Sheet 06
 Fact Sheet 07
 Fact Sheet 08
 Fact Sheet 09
 Fact Sheet 10
 Fact Sheet 11
 Fact Sheet 12
 Fact Sheet 13
 Fact Sheet 18
 Fact Sheet 19
 Fact Sheet 20
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pdfFact Sheet 02Submitting Form W-2 Information (Revised 6/17)
pdfFact Sheet 02aSubmitting Form 1099 Information (Revised 6/17)
pdfFact Sheet 03Agricultural Workers (Revised 6/17)
pdfFact Sheet 04Fairs and Special Events (Revised 5/17)
pdfFact Sheet 05Third-Party Bulk Filers (Revised 1/17)
pdfFact Sheet 06Corporate Officers (Revised 5/17)
pdfFact Sheet 07Household Employees (Revised 1/17)
pdfFact Sheet 08Independent Contractor or Employee? (Revised 1/17)
pdfFact Sheet 09Definitions of Wages (Revised 5/17)
pdfFact Sheet 10New Employer Guide (Revised 1/17)
pdfFact Sheet 11Nonresident Entertainer Tax (Revised 5/17)
pdfFact Sheet 12Surety Deposits for Non-Minnesota Construction Contractors (Revised 12/15)
pdfFact Sheet 13Construction Contracts with State or Local Government Agencies (Revised 4/15)
pdfFact Sheet 18Minnesota Income Tax Withholding on Payments to Independent Contractors in the Construction Trades (Revised 11/13)
pdfFact Sheet 19Nonresident Wage Income Assigned to Minnesota (Revised 11/13)
pdfFact Sheet 20Reciprocity -- Employee Withholding (Revised 11/13)