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Last Updated: 3/28/2014

Fact Sheets

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These fact sheets contain general information about specific, tax-related topics. The sales tax fact sheets are arranged alphabetically by fact sheet name. You may sort the Fact Sheet Number column to list the fact sheets numerically.

Note: The tax on storage and warehousing services have been repealed. This tax will not go into effect.



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pdfAdvertisingFact Sheet 133June 2013June 2013Explains taxable and nontaxable advertising services.
pdfAgricultural ProductionFact Sheet 100December 2012December 2012Defines agricultural production and some of its activities as well as explains what exemptions are available and how to claim them.
pdfAircraftFact Sheet 101July 2013July 2013Explains the taxability of registered aircrafts and provides a list of various types of aircrafts.
pdfAmerican IndiansFact Sheet 160February 1999Explains how Minnesota sales tax applies to Indian tribal governments and individual tribal members.
pdfAquaculture Production EquipmentFact Sheet 130December 2012December 2012Covers the exemption for aquaculture production equipment, what equipment is eligible and how to claim the exemption.
pdfArts and CraftsFact Sheet 154December 2012December 2012Explains what art and craft sales are taxable.
pdfAthletic Facilities, Recreational Areas, Resorts and CampgroundsFact Sheet 123March 2007December 2012Provides a list of some recreational facilities and explains what sales and purchases made by the facilities are taxable.
pdfAutomotive Repairs and ServiceFact Sheet 131June 2013July 2013Explains when parts, repairs and services are taxable for motor vehicle repair.
pdfBuilding Cleaning and MaintenanceFact Sheet 112February 2004Explains how sales and use tax applies to building cleaning, maintenance, and disinfecting and exterminating services.
pdfCandyFact Sheet 102BDecember 2012December 2012Defines candy (for sales tax purposes) and explains when it is taxable.
pdfCapital EquipmentFact Sheet 103March 2014March 2014Discusses what does and does not qualify for as exempt capital equipment, related definitions and how to file for a refund. It also explains qualifying and non-qualifying activities within the integrated production process.
pdfChiropractorsFact Sheet 151March 2010December 2012Explains when chiropractors should charge sales tax on their sales and when they owe use tax on their purchases.
pdfClothingFact Sheet 105January 2009December 2012Describes clothing and clothing accessories; explaining what is and is not taxable.
pdfComputer SoftwareFact Sheet 134June 2013July 2013Explains what charges for computer software are taxable and also discusses maintenance agreements and when they are taxable.
pdfContractorsFact Sheet 128March 2014March 2014Explains how Sales and Use Tax applies to contractors and subcontractors who construct, alter, repair or improve real property, and explains how tax applies if a contractor also sells products at retail.
pdfCoupons, Discounts and Other Forms of PaymentFact Sheet 167March 2013March 2013Explains how to properly calculate sales tax when the price of an item is affected by coupons, rebates, discounts, trade-ins, gift certificates, scrip and bartering.
pdfDelivery ChargesFact Sheet 155July 2010Explains how Minnesota Sales and Use Tax applies to delivery charges, including transportation, shipping, postage, handling, crating and packing.
pdfDentistsFact Sheet 175June 2013July 2013Describes how sales tax applies to sales and purchases made by dentists.
pdfDetective and Security ServicesFact Sheet 114June 2013July 2013Describes different detective and security services and explains when they are taxable.
pdfDietary SupplementsFact Sheet 102EDecember 2012December 2012Defines dietary supplements and explains when they are subject to sales tax.
pdfDigital ProductsFact Sheet 177January 2014January 2014Explains how sales and use tax applies to digital products
pdfDirect Mail and Fulfillment ServicesFact Sheet 173April 2009Explains how sales tax applies to sales of printed materials meeting the definition of direct mail and to fulfillment services.
pdfDirect Selling CompaniesFact Sheet 168July 2003Defines direct selling companies and direct sellers and explains: who needs to register to collect sales tax, their responsibilities, taxable sales and how to calculate the tax.
pdfDrugsFact Sheet 117AApril 2009December 2012Defines what items are considered drugs for tax purposes, when they are taxable and how the tax applies to them.
pdfDurable medical EquipmentFact Sheet 117BAugust 2013August 2013Defines durable medical equipment (for tax purposes) and provides a summary of how Minnesota sales and use tax applies to this equipment.
pdfExercise Facilities and Health ClubsFact Sheet 124December 2012December 2012Explains what sales and purchases made by exercise facilities and health clubs are subject to sales tax.
pdfFarm MachineryFact Sheet 106December 2012December 2012Defines farm machinery and discusses what exemptions are available and how to claim them.
pdfFinancial InstitutionsFact Sheet 138December 2012December 2012Explains what services are taxable when provided by financial institutions and when purchases made by them are taxable.
pdfFire Fighting, Police, and Emergency EquipmentFact Sheet 135December 2012December 2012Describes different types of emergency services and explains when purchases made by service providers are, and are not, taxable.
pdfFood and Food IngredientsFact Sheet 102ADecember 2012December 2012Explains when food and food ingredients are, and are not, taxable.
pdfFood StampsFact Sheet 115December 2012December 2012Discusses what items purchased with food stamps are subject to sales tax.
pdfFuneral Homes, Mortuaries, Crematories and CemeteriesFact Sheet 165March 2009December 2012Explains how Minnesota sales and use taxes apply to sales and purchases made by funeral homes, mortuaries, crematories and cemeteries.
pdfGrooming and Hygiene ProductsFact Sheet 117FApril 2009December 2012Defines grooming and hygiene products, and summarizes when they are, and are not, taxable.
pdfHealth Care FacilitiesFact Sheet 172June 2013July 2013Describes when purchases made by different types of healthcare facilities are exempt from sales tax and what items are covered by the exemption.
pdfHealth Product ExemptionFact Sheet 117EApril 2009December 2012Describes the sales tax exemption allowed for specific health products.
pdfHospital and Nursing Home MealsFact Sheet 118December 2012December 2012Explains how Minnesota sales tax applies to meals and other food items served or sold by hospitals, sanatoriums, nursing homes and senior citizen homes.
pdfHotels and Lodging FacilitiesFact Sheet 141December 2008Explains how Minnesota sales and use tax applies to business involved in providing short-term lodging and related services.
pdfIndustrial productionFact Sheet 145July 2009December 2012Explains how Minnesota sales and use tax applies to business involved in industrial production.
pdfInterstate Motor CarriersFact Sheet 107December 2012December 2012Explains who needs to get Motor Carrier Direct Pay authorization, what exemptions are available and how to calculate the tax due.
pdfIsolated and Occasional SalesFact Sheet 132April 2014April 2014Discusses the specific instances when sales of tangible personal property used in a trade or business are exempt from sales or use tax under the “isolated or occasional sale” rule.
pdfItems for use Outside MinnesotaFact Sheet 110January 2003Explain when items sold or purchased for use outside Minnesota are, and are not, subject to sales tax.
pdfLabor - Installation, Fabrication and ConstructionFact Sheet 152AMarch 2014March 2014Describes different types of labor and how sales and use tax applies to each.
pdfLabor- Repair for BusinessesFact Sheet 152BMarch 2014March 2014Explains how sales and use tax applies to repair and maintenance services for businesses.
pdfLabor- Repair for IndividualsFact Sheet 152CMarch 2014March 2014This fact sheet explains how Sales and Use Tax applies to repair and maintenance services for individuals.
pdfLaundry and Cleaning ServicesFact Sheet 120May 2007December 2012Describes how Minnesota sales tax applies to laundry, dry cleaning, linen service and supply, carpet cleaning, drapery cleaning, upholstery cleaning and industrial cleaning.
pdfLawn and Garden Care, Tree and Bush Service, LandscapingFact Sheet 121February 2009December 2012Explains how Minnesota sales tax applies to these services and when these service providers should pay sales tax on their purchases.
pdfLibrariesFact Sheet 139May 2007December 2012Explains when sales and purchases made by libraries are taxable.
pdfLocal Governments- Cities, Counties, and TownshipsFact Sheet 176November 2013November 2013Explains sales tax exemptions that apply to local governments.
pdfLocal Sales and Use TaxesFact Sheet 164March 2014March 2014Lists the local sales and use taxes that are administered by the Department of Revenue and discusses who is responsible for collecting and paying those taxes.
pdfLoggers and Log Home Builders and SellersFact Sheet 153July 2009December 2012Explains how sales tax applies to loggers, who are considered agricultural producers, and to materials and other items purchased by log home builders.
pdfLogging EquipmentFact Sheet 108December 2012December 2012Explains the logging equipment exemption, what purchases are eligible and how to claim the exemption.
pdfManufactured Homes, Park Trailers and Modular HomesFact Sheet 150December 2012December 2012Explains how sales tax applies to the sales of manufactured homes, park trailers and modular homes.
pdfMassagesFact Sheet 162December 2012December 2012Defines taxable massage services and explains when sales tax applies to them.
pdfMeat ProcessorsFact Sheet 126December 2002December 2012Explains when purchases by meat processors are exempt from sales tax and how to apply for and claim the exemption.
pdfMinneapolis Special Local TaxesFact Sheet 164MMarch 2010December 2012Describes the special local taxes that are imposed in Minneapolis. This is a supplement to Fact Sheet 164, Local Sales and Use Taxes.
pdfMinnesota State Fair-Sales TaxFact Sheet 140July 2013July 2013Explains who must register to collect Minnesota sales tax, what sales are subject to sales tax, and how to report and remit any sales tax that was collected at the Minnesota State Fair.
pdfMobility Enhancing EquipmentFact Sheet 117CJune 2013July 2013Defines what items are considered mobility enhancing equipment and summarizes how sales and use tax applies to those items.
pdfMotor Vehicle 9.2% Rental Tax and 5% FeeFact Sheet 136June 2013July 2013Describes when businesses that lease or rent motor vehicles to customers in Minnesota are required to collect the Motor Vehicle Rental Tax and Fee.
pdfMotor Vehicle LeasesFact Sheet 171July 2009Explains how to calculate sales tax on leases for licensed motor vehicles, which in most cases is due as an up-front tax on the total lease price.
pdfMotor Vehicle Sales and PurchasesFact Sheet 125June 2013July 2013Explains when sales tax is due on purchases or acquisitions of motor vehicles.
pdfMotor Vehicle Towing, Washing, RustproofingFact Sheet 113February 2004December 2012Discusses which motor vehicle towing, washing and rustproofing services are taxable, which aren’t, and when purchases by these service providers are exempt from sales or use tax.
pdfNursery and Greenhouse ProductionFact Sheet 174May 2012December 2012Explains how sales and use tax applies to nursery and greenhouse production
pdfParking ServicesFact Sheet 166December 2012December 2012Explains which motor vehicle parking services are, and are not, taxable and discusses what is considered a motor vehicle for this purpose.
pdfPetroleum ProductsFact Sheet 116December 2002Explains when purchases of motor fuels and other petroleum products are subject to tax, when they are exempt and which tax applies (petroleum tax or sales tax).
pdfPets and Pet Grooming, Boarding and Care ServicesFact Sheet 122May 2010December 2012Explains when, and how, sales tax applies to sales of pets and other animals and to pet grooming services, animal lodging, boarding and other care services.
pdfPhotography and Video ProductionFact Sheet 169September 2013September 2013Explains how sales and use tax applies to sales of photography and to purchases made by photographers. These guidelines also apply to video production.
pdfPrepaid Wireless E911 and TAM FeesFact Sheet 179November 2013November 2013Explains how retailers who sell prepaid wireless phones, air time, or calling cards collect and remit the e911/TAM fee.
pdfPrepared FoodFact Sheet 102DSeptember 2013September 2013Defines prepared food and explains when it is, or is not, taxable.
pdfPrinting IndustryFact Sheet 109February 2004December 2012Explains how Minnesota sales and use tax applies to printing and related items and services. Includes lists of taxable and exempt sales and purchases to help determine what is taxable.
pdfProsthetic DevicesFact Sheet 117DJune 2013July 2013Defines what items are considered prosthetic devices and provides a summary of how Minnesota sales and use tax applies to those items.
pdfResidential UtilitiesFact Sheet 157June 2013July 2013Explains how sales of electricity, gas, water or steam are taxed in Minnesota and discusses exemption available for residential water and most residential heating fuels.
pdfRestaurants and BarsFact Sheet 137January 2009Discusses how sales tax applies to food and drinks sold by eating establishments and when other charges by eating establishments are taxable.
pdfSales to GovernmentsFact Sheet 142June 2013July 2013Explains when sales to federal, state or local governments in Minnesota are taxable what exemptions are available.
pdfSchools-Sales and PurchasesFact Sheet 111June 2013July 2013Explains how sales tax applies to sales and purchases made by schools and school districts.
pdfSelling Event Exhibitors and OperatorsFact Sheet 148January 2009December 2012Explains how to register to collect state and local sales taxes before selling any taxable items or services at a flea market, collectors’ show, craft show, antique show, county fair, trade show, or similar event.
pdfSoft Drinks and Other BeveragesFact Sheet 102CDecember 2012December 2012Describes the guidelines in determining whether or not a beverage is considered a soft drink and the taxability of different beverages.
pdfSpecial Local TaxesFact Sheet 164SNovember 2013November 2013As a supplement to Fact Sheet 164, Local Sales and Use Taxes, this describes the special local taxes that are imposed in Detroit Lakes, Giants Ridge, Mankato, Rochester, St. Cloud and St. Paul.
pdfTaconite and Iron MiningFact Sheet 147December 2002Explains how sales and use tax applies to purchases by the iron mining industry which includes both the production of taconite and natural iron ore.
pdfTelecommunications, Pay Television, and Related ServicesFact Sheet 119March 2014March 2014Explains how sales tax applies to telecommunication services, ancillary services associated with telecommunications services, pay television services, ring tones and equipment used directly in providing these services.
pdfTV CommercialsFact Sheet 163June 2013June 2013Explains the exemptions for sales of TV commercials and for purchases of items used or consumed in preproduction, production or, postproduction of TV commercials.
pdfUse Tax for BusinessesFact Sheet 146July 2009December 2012Explains what use tax is and how it applies to businesses.
pdfUse Tax for IndividualsFact Sheet 156June 2013July 2013Explains what use tax is and how it applies to individuals.
pdfUtilities used in ProductionFact Sheet 129July 2002Explains what exemptions are available when electricity, gas, steam, or water are used or consumed in agricultural or industrial production.
pdfVending Machines and Other Coin-Operated DevicesFact Sheet 158December 2012December 2012Explains which sales from vending machines and other coin-operated devices are taxable, how to compute the tax and who is responsible for reporting the sales.
pdfVeterinary PracticeFact Sheet 144January 2003December 2012Explains how and when veterinarians should pay sales or use tax on items purchased to provide their services and when to charge sales tax to their customers.