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Last Updated: 9/5/2018

Department of Revenue Resources

Sales and Use Tax State Agency Liaison

If you have questions about your sales and use tax responsibilities as a state agency, contact the Sales and Use Tax State Agency Liaison at 651-556-6836.

Minnesota Department of Revenue Website

You will find helpful information about sales and use tax on our website

Examples include:

  • Tax Information
    • Forms and Instructions

    • Publications

    • Sales and Use Tax Rate Calculator

    • Sales and Use Tax Exemptions

    • Use Tax Information

    • Local Tax Information

  • Resources

    • Class schedules and descriptions
    • Videos

For the latest sales tax developments and news, click on the "What’s New" page on our website.

Subscribe to Sales and Use Tax updates

To receive notices about sales and use tax law changes, rules, fact sheets, and other related sales and use tax information by email, subscribe to Sales and Use Tax Updates. Click the envelope icon on any of our web pages and complete the requested information.

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