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Last Updated: 3/18/2015

Sales Tax Rate Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the state and local general sales and use tax rate to apply to sales made in Minnesota. Enter the 9-digit zip code for the location of the sale, select the period when the sale was made, enter the total amount of the sale (optional) and click the "Submit" button.

Warning: The Sales Tax Rate Calculator only includes rates and boundaries for Minnesota and local general sales and use taxes. It does not include the special local taxes administered by the Department (such as lodging, entertainment, food, and admissions). If any of the special local taxes administered by the Department apply to a sale, you will need to add the special local tax rate(s) to the rate identified by the calculator to determine the total tax rate to charge on the sale. For information on special local taxes and tax rates, please see Fact Sheet 164S, Special Local Taxes  and Fact Sheet 164M, Minneapolis Special Local Taxes.

YOU MUST use the 9-digit zip code. Some zip codes are not entirely within a taxing jurisdiction so entering only the 5 digit code may result in an incorrect result. If you don't know the 9-digit zip code, click on the "Zip Code lookup" link below. This brings up the United States Postal Service zip code lookup function. Simply enter the address and it will give you the correct 9-digit zip code.  

ZipCode: - Effective period:(optional) Dollar amount : $