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Last Updated: 12/22/2014


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  • 2011 Sales Tax Newsletter (January 2012)
    • e-Services: the new electronic filing and paying system; filing and payment information for accelerated filers with a due date schedule; local taxes; glucose tablets; vending machines and honor boxes; and other reminders.
  • 2010 Sales Tax Newsletter (December 2010)
    • Rate increase on manufactured homes and park trailers; filing and payment information for accelerated filers with a due date schedule; newly authorized local taxes; nonprofit organizations; collector coins with information on gold and silver as well; Internet sales and purchases; and other reminders.
  • 2009 Sales Tax Newsletter (updated February 2010)
    • Rate increase to 6.875%; Cook County sales and use tax; consignment sales; league fees; fractional share ownership; fundraising sales; nonprofit fundraising; golf tournaments; and other reminders.
  • 2008 Sales Tax Newsletter (December 2008)
    • Sales and use tax rate calculator; Streamlined Sales and Use Tax changes; third-party delivery of aggregate; advertising materials; packaging materials; utilities for housing agricultural animals; pest control services; and other reminders.
  • 2007 Sales Tax Newsletter (December 2007)
    • Construction projects; DSL lines; individual use tax; sales price; cover charges; gift wrapping; pet sales; purchases by exempt entities; and other reminders.
  • 2006 Sales Tax Newsletter (December 2006)
    • New Hennepin County tax; Certificate of Exemption (Form ST3); motor vehicle towing; pet sales; computer hardware and software; cover charges; and other reminders.
  • 2005 Sales Tax Newsletter (December 2005)
    • Failure to file penalty; lower threshold for mandatory electronic payments; drugs and medical devices; motor vehicle leases; amnesty for unregistered businesses; motor vehicle rental tax; Job Opportunity Building Zones (JOBZ); and other reminders.
  • 2004 Sales Tax Newsletter (December 2004)
    • Bottled water; taxable and nontaxable goods or services purchased together; tree removal; and other reminders.
  • 2003 Sales Tax Newsletter (December 2003)
    • Tree removal; installation labor; delivery and shipping charges; and other reminders.
  • 2002 Sales Tax Newsletter (December 2002)
    • Local taxes (St. Cloud Area and Winona), installation labor; game farms, shooting preserves and hunting clubs; aggregate material and concrete block; affiliate nexus; prepared food; auction fees; and other reminders.
  • 2001 Sales Tax Newsletter (December 2001)
    • Streamlined Sales and Use Tax; Willmar sales and use tax; prepaid calling cards; local tax credit; fur clothing; and other reminders.
  • 2000 Sales Tax Newsletter (December 2000)
    • Streamlined Sales Tax; New Ulm sales and use tax; sales made over the Internet; and other reminders.
  • 1999 Sales Tax Newsletter (December 1999)
    • Internet and mail order purchasing; ATV sales, watercraft and snowmobile sales; farm machinery; logging; aquaculture equipment; non-alcoholic and “near beer.”; and other reminders.
  • 1998 Sales Tax Newsletter (December 1998)
    • Two Harbors and Winona local sales and use tax; items brought into Minnesota for use in another state exemption certificates; and other reminders.
  • 1997 Sales Tax Newsletter (December 1997)
    • Willmar local sales and use tax; motor vehicle rental fee; prepared food; American Indian agreements; flea markets; solid waste management tax; accounting methods; and other reminders.
  • 1996 Sales Tax Newsletter (December 1996)
    • Capital equipment versus replacement capital equipment; sales to American Indians; “ready mix” concrete transportation charges; residential heating fuels; Hermantown local sales and use tax; and other reminders.
  • 1995 Sales Tax Newsletter (December 1995)
    • Local taxes; labor charges; blueprints; industrial production; “ready mix” concrete charges; and other reminders.
  • 1994 Sales Tax Newsletter (December 1994)
    • Capital equipment refund claims; building cleaning and maintenance; exemption certificate versus sales tax number; used farm machinery; bakery products; fundraising sales; and other reminders.