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Last Updated: 1/11/2018

Local Tax Information

General Notices

  • Announcements about changes in local taxes administered by the Minnesota Department of Revenue. This includes new local taxes, local taxes that are changing their rate, and local taxes that are ending.

Starting a New Tax

  • Find out how to get a local tax in your area.

Local Tax Fact Sheets

  • Fact Sheets about local taxes.

Local Tax ZIP Codes

  • Lists the 5-digit ZIP Codes, Cities, and Towns for each local taxing area. 

Sales and Use Tax Rate Calculator

  • Enter the 9-digit ZIP code for the location of a sale to determine the sales and use tax rate that applies (including state and local general taxes).

Rate Charts

  • Provide sales tax calculations from $0.01 - $100 for all state and local tax rate combinations throughout Minnesota.

Tax Type Codes (Tax Lines)

  • A list of all the different sales taxes, corresponding tax line number, name of the tax, tax rate, and effective date of the tax.

Tax Rate Combinations

Transit Improvement Tax Area Guide