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Last Updated: 6/17/2014

Troubleshooting Microsoft Excel Templates

​If the macro doesn't work on the Cover worksheet:

Check the macro security level. If the security is set too high, the macro will not work. Change the macro security level and then close excel and reopen.

If the Summary tab does not calculate to what you expected:

Verify both the Product Code and Schedule Code are correct. Together those codes calculate your Summary worksheet. The product code always has to be three digits. For example, 65 won't calculate for gasoline. It needs to be 065. If only one line is not calculating, retype the codes for that line in case there are spaces within the cell. Be sure to make sure you have a date listed for summary entries as well. For example, "Sales to farmers" should have a date. You can use the last day of the month.

If you can't see tabs at the bottom of the worksheet:

Maximize the document window and/or program window.

If a "Run Time" error is displayed while creating a macro:

Check for valid dates on the Cover tab and the Schedule tab. Verify that there aren't any incomplete or missing fields. If you still receive this error, download a new template.

If you can't log in to submit your Petroleum File:

Call the Petroleum Office to verify that you are registered.

If you receive a "Not a Valid File Type" error while submitting your Petroleum File:

Verify that the file extension matches the file type you have selected. Your file should be an EDI file (filename.edi) or a Text file (filename.txt).