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Last Updated: 11/4/2016

Petroleum Schedule Codes






2A​​  Gallons received from Minnesota terminals or refineries, origin tax-unpaid​​  Detail​​
2C​ Gallons received imported, tax-unpaid​ Detail​​
5A​​ Sales of jet fuel sold to non-licensed distributors, retailers or bulk end-users​​ Detail​​
5F​ Taxable sales of Dyed diesel or Dyed kerosene​​ Detail​​
5PI​​ Qualifying Service Station Credit- Iowa​​ ​Summary​​​ ​
5PN​​ Qualifying Service Station Credit- North Dakota​​ ​Summary​​​ ​
5PS​​ Qualifying Service Station Credit- South Dakota​ ​Summary
5Q​​ Taxable sales of alternative fuels (LPG, CNG, LNG, E85) Summary per product​​ ​Summary​
7D​ Tank Wagon sales for export​​ Summary​
8R​​ Gallons sold to the U.S. Government tax-exempt from refinery​​ ​Summary​
10G​​ Special fuel sold for residential heating​​ ​Summary​
13A​ Transport loads sold for export​​ ​Detail​​ ​
13C​​ Sales to the United States Government from tax paid stock​​ ​Summary​
13D​​ Bulk gasoline sales to farmers from tax paid stock​​ ​Summary​
15B​ Terminal Disbursements​ ​Detail​​ ​