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Last Updated: 1/10/2018

MinnesotaCare Tax

Filing Due Date for 2017 Returns  

Your 2017 MinnesotaCare tax return is due March 15, 2018.

File your return electronically starting January 22, 2018. Updated instructions are now available (see Forms and Instructions).

To file your annual return or make a payment, go to our website and log in to e-Services.

Making payments and filing your annual return are not the same!

Even though you made estimated tax payments during the year, you must still file an annual MinnesotaCare tax return by March 15 in e-Services. Filing your annual return reconciles your actual tax to the total payments you made during the year. To avoid penalties and interest, make sure to file your return electronically by the due date. 

Can I request a filing extension?

If you cannot file your return by the due date, call 651-282-5533 before March 15 to request a 60-day filing extension. A filing extension does not extend the time to pay your tax. You must still pay any tax owed by March 15. If you do not, we will assess penalties and interest on the tax due.

What if I closed my business?

If you closed your business or are no longer required to file, please contact us so we can close your MinnesotaCare tax account. If you do not contact us, you may be subject to additional assessments for not filing a return.