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Last Updated: 3/8/2018

Pay MinnesotaCare Tax by Phone

You need the following information to pay MinnesotaCare tax by phone:

  • Minnesota Tax ID Number
  • Password
  • Period you are making the payment for
  • Amount of your payment
  • Bank routing number and account number

Step-by-Step Instructions

1.  Use a touch-tone phone and dial 1-800-570-3329.

2.  Press 2 to file or pay a business tax.

3.  Enter your Minnesota ID number.

    • Press 1 if correct.
    • Press 2 if the number you entered is incorrect and re-enter your Minnesota ID number.

4.  Enter your password followed by the pound (#) key.

    • First-time users must enter a temporary password. If you do not have one, call 651-282-5225 for a password.
    • After you enter the temporary password, you will create a personal password. Your personal password must be a four to eight digit number.

5.  Press 2 to make a payment only.

6.  Indicate if you are making the payment for yourself or a client.

    • Press 1 to make a payment for yourself.
    • Press 2 to make a payment for a client.

7.  Follow the prompts to make a payment for one of the following MinnesotaCare tax types:

    • Provider Tax
    • Hospital Tax
    • Surgical Center Tax
    • Wholesale Drug Distributor Tax
    • Legend Drug Use Tax

8.  Indicate the type of payment you are making.

    • Press 1 to make an estimated deposit payment.
    • Press 2 to make an original return payment.
    • Press 3 to make an amended return payment.
    • Press 4 to make an audit pre-payment.

9.  Enter the year of the payment. When prompted, enter the year using four digits.

    • Press 1 if correct.
    • Press 2 if the number you entered is incorrect and re-enter the year.

10.  Enter the payment amount in dollars and cents, followed by the pound (#) key. If the payment has no cents, enter two zeros.

    • Press 1 if correct.
    • Press 2 if the number you entered is incorrect and re-enter the payment amount.

11.  Follow the prompts to choose existing or new banking information.

    • Press 1 to use the same banking information as the last payment for this tax type.
    • Press 2 to enter new banking information.
    • Press 3 to hear bank information from the last transaction for this tax type.

12.  Confirm whether the payment funding is from a financial agency located outside the United States.

    • Press 1 if yes.
    • Press 2 if no.

13.  Choose your payment date.

    • Press 1 to specify today as your payment date.
    • Press 2 to enter a different date.

14.  You will receive a confirmation number, payment date, and payment time. Be sure to keep this information for your records.

You must submit your payment to complete the process. After you submit the payment, you will receive a confirmation number. If you hang up before you receive a confirmation number, you did not make the payment.