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Last Updated: 7/28/2015

How to Import Lawful Gambling Monthly Tax Returns into e-Services

​If you choose to import your return data into e-Services, you can either enter your information into Notepad or another program that uses a comma delimited format, work with a software vendor who will provide you with a Text (.txt) file that you can import into e-Services, or use the template available on the Filing Electronically page to complete and import your own .txt file.

Create a file to import

If you choose to enter your information into a program and save it as a .txt file, you must follow specific format rules (e.g., cannot be negative, must be numeric, etc.). This information is provided in a schema file available on our Filing Electronically webpage.

You must enter your data in rows. Enter the Form G1 information in the first row and the Schedule B2 information for a barcoded game in the second row. If you have another barcoded game, enter it in the third line and so on.

Form G1

Include the following Form G1 information, in this order, in the first line. Note: Use a comma, but don’t include a space to separate your return data (G1,31-Aug-2015,):

  • Record Type:  G1
  • Filing Period
  • Paper Bingo Gross Receipts
  • Paper Bingo Prizes Paid
  • Linked Bingo Gross Receipts
  • Linked Bingo Prizes Paid
  • Electronic Pull-tabs Gross Receipts
  • Electronic Pull-tabs Prizes Paid
  • Raffles Gross Receipts
  • Raffles Prizes Paid
  • Exempt Raffles Gross Receipts
  • Exempt Raffles Prizes Paid
  • Interest and Other Income
  • Previous Month’s Total Receipts
  • Previous Month’s Combined Receipts
  • Net Receipts Tax
  • Net Receipts Credit Used
  • Lawful Purpose Expenditures
  • Other Allowable Expenses
  • Starting Cash Banks per Books
  • Unreimbursed Starting Cash Banks
  • Total Amount Due

Here is an example of what the first row of the file should look like:


Schedule B2

Include the following Schedule B2 information, in this order, in the second row to report barcoded games information: 

  • Record Type: G1-B2
  • Site Permit Number
  • Type of Operation
  • Type of Game
  • Game Status
  • Manufacturer ID
  • Part Number
  • Game Serial Number
  • Date in Play
  • Ideal Gross Receipts
  • Ideal Prizes
  • Value of Unsold Tickets
  • Value of Prizes Paid
  • Cash-in-hand
  • Date game removed

Here is an example of what the second row and additional rows should look like:


Additional details

  • To report $0, enter “0” in the field or leave the field blank. Any blank field will default to “0” when it is loaded.
  • Net receipts is automatically calculated through e-Services based on gross receipts and prizes reported.

Save the file

Once you enter the return information, select File>Save As. Name the file with your license number and the month and year of the filing period (e.g., 12345_apr_2015). Select the Text (*.txt) format for the “Save as type”. Click Save and you're ready to import the file.

Text (.txt) template file instructions

To enter your information into our Excel template and save it as a Text (.txt) file, see How to use the Lawful Gambling File Template for instructions.

Import your data

To import your data, go to e-Services and open your Lawful Gambling account screen. Click on the hyperlink for the appropriate filing period and Click on Import your data. To find the file on your computer, click Browse then click Import. 

If you have any questions, contact the Lawful Gambling Tax Unit at 651-297-1772 or email us at