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Last Updated: 8/26/2014


If your organization is registered with the Minnesota Department of Revenue to file a Lawful Gambling Tax return and pay the tax and you don’t, you'll receive a demand to file letter.

If you don’t respond to our letter, we'll bill your organization the tax and fees due, plus penalty and interest, based on your distributor inventory records for all unreported games.  

If you fail to file tax returns for a period of three months, we'll refer your organization to the Gambling Control Board for disciplinary action. This disciplinary action may be a fine or a suspension or revocation of your license to conduct lawful gambling.

What should you do?

Complete your Lawful Gambling Tax return. If you play electronic bingo or electronic pull-tabs, you must file your return electronically using e-Services.

If you have filed your return or if have questions, please contact us at 651-297-1772 or