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Last Updated: 12/31/2015

Filing Electronically

‚ÄčIn e-Services there are two methods available to file your return:

  1. Key in your return data or
  2. Import a file

If you import a file, you can use our predefined template below. For more information and other import options, see How to Import Your Lawful Gambling Monthly Tax Return.

Current Import File Format

Import File Format June 2015 and earlier

Please refer to these documents to file returns for periods prior to the July 2015.

The Gambling Monthly Tax Return (G1 & B2) File Layout Rules contains the requirements for each field in the file. The second tab of this document explains the available options for the type of operation, type of game and game status.

For more information, see How to use the Lawful Gambling File Template.

Net Receipts Loss Tax Credit: If you are reporting and claiming a tax credit for the net losses for bingo, raffle and paddlewheel activity, you must complete the Schedule NRL-Net Receipts Loss and attach it as a PDF file while using e-Services.

Amend Returns:  You can't submit an amended return in e-Services at this time. Complete a paper Form G1, check the "Amended return" box and mail it to Minnesota Revenue.

If you would like more information on e-Services, visit our e-Services help page.  If you have any questions, please contact the Lawful Gambling Tax Unit 651-297-1772 or email us at